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By arledgej1
Would any of yall be up for a meeting in Columbia around Halloween? I know I taked to some of the Pee Dee guys about it but not much more than that. I would say we did it like the week before halloween and went to places like Sandhills, the Harbson Mall, 5 points, the Vista and ofcourse USC Campus in gear with cameras and video cameras. What do yall think?
By Creativeguy
I'm in Rock Hill. Would love to meet up with some locals some time. I've loved Ghostbusters since I was a kid when it came out, even though that librarian scared the crap out of me.
By arledgej1
Its good to see that SC is finaly starting to get some more ghostheads. I am in Columbia and there are some around Anderson and a Pee Dee group, I have met some of them before but have not had a chance to meet the Anderson guys yet.
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By roopjm
Welcome Creative Guy! I went to College at Winthrop myself a few years ago. Would love for all of us to meet up and get together!
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By cockroach
I live in Rock Hill.SC. I have the base outfit done, just need to get my pack done. :wink: Hopefully I'll get it done later this year, waiting for a run of packs to be done. Would like to see how many GB in SC that can get together too. :-D
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By roopjm
I have setup
with setup as well.

I have subdomains for midlands, peedee and upstate.

Check it out, and any suggestions for things?

If you want your particular subdomains to have anything, like wordpress or PHPNuke or whatnot, just let me know and we can get this going!
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By roopjm
I'm not sure. I read there's an Upstate group. But i think we should all merge together into the SCGhostbusters, if that sounds good for others!
By arledgej1
This was just posted on facebook it is a Convention in Ashevill, NC. Was seeing how many of us could see if they were up for the trip. Here is a link to their web page with the info. ... -May-11-12
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By cockroach
So Geekout is replacing Fanticon, cool. I know a lot of peiple were upset when they cancelled Fanticon. Since this is the new con then
I'll be there with the Carolina Garrison, but I'll bring my base GB outfit too. Can't wait to get my pack finished.
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By DazWan
Hey! I'm in summerville and a big ghostbusters fan! Probably easiest to pm me on here or my Xbox live GT DazWan. Would love to be involved in some form

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By arledgej1
I know it is not an ideal ecto but i currently do not have the money for a full time ecto so i just attach parts to my blazers factory roof rack. I am also currently working on upgradeing it.
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