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By bpontheair
D*C has opened up parade registration for this year. It's on Saturday, September 1 at 10 a.m. EDT.

If you are 100 percent sure you are coming to D*C/PKE Surge 2012, please let us know below if you'd like us to sign you up for the parade (including Ectos) by posting below. I will pick up the ribbons like last year and pass them out the morning of the parade unless you find me the Thursday or Friday beforehand.

We need to have a total head count by August 1, 2012.

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By Chace
I dont have my pass or room as usual for this time of year, but I should be there with the car.
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By Gareee
We already purchased our memberships, so we'll be there in one form or another.

Odds are we'll bring Samhain (unless he goes to be cast up), and we don't know if we'll have a replacement ecto or not yet. If we get something suitable, we'll bring it. If not, we'll be walkers.
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By Smits
You can add me to the list. :) Hoping to bring my Slimer puppet.

EDIT: Brock, you can add three more from the TNGB to the list. :D
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By roopjm
Myself and My Fiancee are DEFINITELY in, as well as possibly some more of the SCPD Ghostbusters!
We have our memberships and room res's already
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By SuperGeekGirl
I'm with Demon Vice Commander. That's two of us from St. Louis. I'll be Kaylee from Firefly as a Ghostbuster this year. Pack done. Uniform mostly done. Ready to go!
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By Gareee
So yer more a Reaperbuster? Shiny!
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By Smits
trigger happy wrote:Ill be there 100% for surge maybe 2 more depending on what nite its held.

PKE Surge is typically Saturday night. Make plans! :)
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By SuperGeekGirl
Gareee wrote:So yer more a Reaperbuster? Shiny!

A reaverbuster, yeah. :) It was mostly just because I made Kaylee's costume last year, and Mikhail jokingly said now I could make us custom flight suits. I remembered that I had a good pile of khaki fabric I had bought a year or so ago that would be perfect for making another Kaylee costume. So it's happened. I'm about 80% done with the whole costume, and it gives me something fun to wear for the parade.
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By Gareee
We had a Kaylee freind last year, and we a re considering Jane hats, since the Hero of Canton will be there again this year.
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By SuperGeekGirl
Gareee wrote:We had a Kaylee freind last year, and we a re considering Jane hats, since the Hero of Canton will be there again this year.

If he doesn't cancel again... as usual. I have something I want signed, and I'd love to meet him.

*and with that, I will stop hijacking the thread*
By DonstonSmalls
Ill be there but not sure about doing the parade or not, Ive never been to DC and might want to be lurking around the convention...of coarse I am fairly interested.... Ill make my mind up closer to time
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By Gareee
Usually most of the con action is lacking during parade time, because they know a lot of the people will be attending it either watching or participating.
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