Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
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By Harry Bardwell
I read every issue and love them! :D they just keep getting better in my opinion. Fritz, I agree the extra material for only the trade thing sucks...but they'll get my money anyway :/ :P.

As far as the extra help at the store goes
As of 1997 EGB Kylie was 17 and if this book took place in 1994 putting Kylie being about 14 depending on the time of year and when her birthday falls. You can wait tables at 14, but work in a book store I don't know :P. Also this Kylie is a bit "thinker" than EGB Kylie, who was less curvy. So if she is the same one, she most have lost some baby fat :P. As mentioned though EGB Kylie did wear her hair back in one episode, and in some of the original design stuff too. Also she never really dressed that "girly" in the show, but if this is a younger Kylie she's got a little Lydia Deetz thing going on :D.
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And a design question
I know the in universe reason the packs changed back to the movie look, but why did you guys really change it, I hope it wasn't fan boy complaining.
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By rgbfan475
Id have to agree that the bonus stuff for trades only sucks. Im not gonna buy a trade if i already have all the single issues that are in the trade. If you dont buy the single issues then they will cancel it . But after you buy the single issues then you have to basically rebuy it again just for 2 pages of extra stuff.
By Ghostbuster-Adem84
I agree with the others when I say this series is coming along perfect. So many little details in both art and story to gush over! Thank god this book is on a regular time frame as it gives us all something to look forwards to monthly. The latest story ark so far is nothing short of brilliance and Dan's art is coming along smoothly. Eric's writing and his characterization is spot on. Congrads gents on bringing something very worth wild to read :)
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By mrmichaelt
But after you buy the single issues then you have to basically rebuy it again just for 2 pages of extra stuff.
It's how the industry is. But the Haunted Holiday exclusive was 9 pages, not two, and for those who care - collectors don't have to keep flipping their comic and can just read the trade collection instead.

All that aside, I do agree there should be more new material in the trade collections for the fans who want a more equitable and immediate incentive. Hopefully, if this is true for volume two, the story is longer than 9 pages. Also, I think it was "The Other Side" but that trade had a bunch of unlettered variants of covers and pages from what I recall. If they did that with the trades - but as 'clean' PCOC files where you can read all the text on the file without a photo or two obscuring some words - as well as maybe a handful of new-exclusive PCOC files would be a cool additional incentive to buy the trade.
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By ECT0-1
Guess I'm guilty of this too. For the ongoing I write we're doing 8-page vignettes that will debut online but be included in the trade of the first story arc in chronological order. But, none of you guys read or ever heard of the book, so it's all good. :P
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By Erik Burnham
Mostly our goal was to put (most of) the exclusive stuff in the comic itself, not necessarily the trade. (First 4 PCOC squeaked into the first trade as a last minute decision.) PCOC isn't going to be in v.2, and in the v.3 (Haunted America) there may not e enough room for Jones' backup story.

So you guys are out ahead of the trade waiters again. (;

One specific reason for this exclusive story was not that we didn't want to include it as back matter in the monthly... it's that the back of the monthly was already filled with content and we had no where else to put it! (Come to think of it, I wonder if there's a reason it couldn't debut in the trade and go into the monthly later, should we keep rolling? Maybe I'll ask.)
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By Josh Foote
I just read #6. Another home run guys.
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By mrmichaelt
Erik Burnham did an interview with Geekvolution and it was posted on March 3rd. It starts about about the 35:12 mark and ends at the 1:03:44 mark. Great stuff - Burnham talked about how the ongoing got started, the continuity it draws from, restrictions, an idea of where he and Dan are in the production process, some easter egg talk, teasing upcoming stories, and of course, talking a bit about Haunted America.

Based on what Burnham said, it sounds like #9 may take place in Detroit's Fort Wayne - a reputed haunted army base. But that's just speculation.
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By mrmichaelt
Tristan Jones posted a teaser of a 7 page story he did for Issue #8: The Man Who Sought Death So far, Jones revealed one of the men is from France, the other from East Germany, they are currently in Siberia, and it is the year 1912. Note the Tobin's Spirit Guide (must be the first edition looking back at Issue #3).

Also Dan Aykroyd likes the comic... and Dan Schoening it seems. Nerdyshow Podcast, at 4:41 mark
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By mrmichaelt
That was a really great shot of the Proton Grenade held by Winston. Also some nice shots of the Proton Packs and Ghost Trap.
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It was really interesting to see a battle of wits on the mental plane rather than the whole issue being the three Ghostbusters fighting a possessed Peter. Also glad to see less easter eggs so far but some really quality ones like Madame LaFarge from "Drool, the Dog-Faced Goblin," Willie Bradford and Kenny Fenderman from "Masquerade," the Umpire from "Night Game," Winston saving Alec Meredith from "The Grundel," Sherri from "What in Samhain Just Happened?!" (guess she just can't catch a break), and more. If you head over to Spook Central's facebook, Paul posted an even bigger spoiler or two.
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By Kingpin
Love the setting in Venkman's mental landscape, as well as the odd little easter egg contained within
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Can't wait to pick this issue up. And some more great reference shots of the Ghost Grenade
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By mrmichaelt
Wow, what an ending! I loved how the spotlight came on Peter in this issue and how he defeated the Hungry Manitou.

The art was excellent as always but one of the most memorable so far was
the green stuff that pours out of possessed Peter's eyes and mouth after Winston nailed the force field. The schematic and design for the IDWverse's Ecto-2 were totally rad. Sorry RGB Ecto-2 but I'd rather ride in this one. One gripe is I wish the panels would be bigger when they trap the entity. I noticed for the Manitou and Ellen Gold, they went with a slim panel- makes it kinda anti-climactic.
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Easter eggs I noticed so far
Page One
*Leda from "No One Comes to Lupusville"
*Maude and Zeke from "Poultrygeist"
*Len Wolfman from "Captain Steel Saves the Day"
*Kenny Fenderman from "Masquerade"
*Megan and Kenny Carter from "The Boogieman Cometh"
*DyTillio from "Ragnarok and Roll"

Page Two
*The Cheap Thrills sign from "Rollerghoster" appears again
*The entrance from Big Apple Amusement Park from "The Bogeyman is Back" appears again
*Madame LaFarge from "Drool, the Dog-Faced Goblin"
*Willie Bradford from "Masquerade"

Page Four
*Peter talks to the Hungry Manitou in the Paranormal Studies Laboratory of Weaver Hall from the first movie.
*The Manitou is dressed like Peter was in the Lincoln Center scene from the first movie
*The Manitou holds up the ESP cards Peter used for his test at the start of the first movie
*Peter makes two sports references, the New York Knicks and the infield fly rule.

Page Five
*The Umpire from "Night Game" appears behind the Manitou when he throws the baseball
*Winston saves Alec Meredith from "The Grundel"
*The Pillar of New York from "Beneath These Streets" appears again

Page Six
*Peter refers to the Manitou as a Bogeyman. He makes mention of Woodstock and Hippies , when it last appeared.

Page Seven
*The Mink Coat from Ghostbusters II appears again as Winston leads the hostages out

Page Eight
*Ray, Egon, and Winston battle Rickey Roach, George Gopher, Ronald Rooster, and Sinclair Squirrel from "Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional?"

Page Nine
*The Manitou conjures an image of Dana Barrett playing her cello

Page 14
*Peter's nickname alludes to Carl Jung

Page 19
*A Stay Puft Marshmallows sign stands on a roof next to the hospital
*Janine wears the white suit and skirt ensemble seen in various episodes of The Real Ghostbusters including "Doctor, Doctor"
*Peter has a get well card from Dean Yeager from the first movie
*The makeshift shield next to the cards was used by Doctor Gould in "Doctor, Doctor"
*A model yellow luxury car from Generous Motors seen in "Don't Forget the Motor City" is in miniature on the table next to Peter.
*Janine has a bag marked Stacy's. This was a department store from "Killerwatt" as a stand in for Macy's.
*Peter's wristband has part of his birthdate as 11/21

Page 20
*Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg is the check in station panel
*The nurses and Doctor Gould from "Doctor, Doctor" appear at the check in station

Page 22
*Below the Ecto-2 schematic is a map marked Haunted America with Seattle circled. This is a teaser for an arc that begins in Issue #9.

Page 23
*A post it note mentions calling Geoff. Geoff was the driver from the Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime video game.
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By SlimeGuy
Correct me if I'm wrong, but...
isn't the luxury car that appears on page 19 actually from "Mr Sandman, Dream me a Dream" when Peter is knocked out by the Sandman?
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Killer comic this go around guys! Can't wait for next month!
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By mrmichaelt
Correct me if I'm wrong, but...
isn't the luxury car that appears on page 19 actually from "Mr Sandman, Dream me a Dream" when Peter is knocked out by the Sandman?
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Killer comic this go around guys! Can't wait for next month!
Yup! I must have confused them, thanks for catching that.
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By JayTigran
Well you did a hell of a job Erik, the dialogue between Peter and the Ghost was top notch work, had me loving every minute of it.
By GhstbstrLMLIII
Read it last night. Another excellent job. Erik - I agree that the dialogue between Peter and the ghost was spectacular. I love how you've captured his attitude, but also shown that he's not stupid (like the later seasons of RGB went to). Dan's art has progressed nicely. Can't wait for more issues.
By ProtonDefender
I waited until Vol. 1, read it yesterday and loved it! Like everyone else I am all about the Easter-eggs--I go back and just scan the art like a GB "Where's Waldo!".

One of my favorite eggs is in book 4, when Ray is running through the apartment with the big trap and the tenant is essentially John Candy's version Louis Tully (complete with the dobermans that Reitman was against!) hahaha. Someone else may have already posted about it, but I had to add my "kudos" to the boards for Dan & company for producing a book that truly is dense with the mythos and gives us something to look forward to!
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By Kingpin
What was the easter egg in the check in plaque, michael?

Here's a little bit I noticed in the art:
A box in the Paranormal Studies Laboratory is full of slimey, ectoplasmic marshmallow-covered jumpsuits
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Some comments on the story:
I really must credit Erik's work on Venkman in this issue, back in issue #1 Ray's subconcious had commented on how Venkman doesn't nearly employ his formal qualifications as much as he could, and should, and Peter's conversation with the Manitou here shows just how good he is at it. It's nice seeing him use his brains to single out the route of the problem, rather than going in gung-hoe.

Once again, the art along with the writing serves as strong elements of the series, and this latest offering doesn't disappoint. It's helped pave the way for what we'll be seeing in the ambitious Haunted America story arc that'll be starting soon.

Additionally, we also get some great reference shots of the Ghost Grenade and Winston's Proton Pistol, which'll no doubt come in incredibly handy for those wanting to draw up some plans for reproducing them.
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A solid conclusion to the current story. On to #8!
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By mrmichaelt
What was the easter egg in the check in plaque, michael?
Oh, my apologies, Kingpin. Luis Delgado inserts his own easter egg into each issue he's worked on, the number "15"

1. Con-Volution - Page 4, First panel, obscured a bit by Ray's dialogue balloon

2. What in Samhain Just Happened?! - Page 22 on the gravestone to the left near the building

3. Issue #1 - Page 7 one of the billiard balls Peter looks at

4. Issue #2 - Page 8 on Axel's license plate as Ecto-1a leaves the Firehouse

5. Issue #3 - Page 10 on the Slime C ad (15% real fruit juice)

6. Issue #4 - Page 16 panel one, the issue # of the framed The Pacific Monthly

7. Issue #5 - Page 6, on the side of the bus

8. Issue #6 - Page 4, a part number on the schematic given to Ron Alexander

It turns out Issue #7 was a special case
On the last page, at the check in station where the two nurses and Dr. Gould are standing the plaque has the "15" easter egg. Delgado revealed this was Dan Schoening's idea. Delgado put his "15" easter egg in the Paranormal Studies Laboratory. On page six, there's a big photo of a soccer player in the background. On the player's shorts, there's "15" on it.
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Here's a little bit I noticed in the art:
A box in the Paranormal Studies Laboratory is full of slimey, ectoplasmic marshmallow-covered jumpsuits
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Oh, cool! Gotta look back for that.

EDIT: Saw some more stuff:
On page 19, Dean Yeager's get well card has his famous quote from the movie on the inside. Next to it is a card from Jennifer and it references the 8 o'clock meeting. Above it is a mini-fridge from Peter's dad.
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By Fritz
Fritz Babbles About Ghostbusters #7:
I think I need to post this before I go any further:

Dr. Peter Venkman

Brains 2 Parapsychology 5
Muscles 2 Brawl 5
Moves 3 Seduce 6
Cool 6 Bluff 9

Goal: Sex

That's Venkman's write up in the old GBI game system (It was very crunch-lite). That sheet is sorta invalid in second edition, where Seduce became a Cool specialty, but I'm getting off subject here...

I got this game for Christmas in 1986, about the same time I'd become addicted to a cartoon called The Real Ghostbusters. It went a long way to "solidifying" how I thought of Peter Venkman. Not actually especially bright (2 is an average score in the GBI system), but man, look at that Cool score. When it comes to fast talking, and keeping his wits in a bad situation, he's unbeatable. Basically, I think Venkman not only rolled lots of 5 and 6s on his dice this issue, he probably blew--and then earned--lots of Brownie Points. Venkman's so easy to play as a libertine buffoon--I know, I've done it a time or three myself--that we forget he's also got incredible social skills. He's lazy, not stupid.

There's a lot going on in the outside world--Winston, Ray, and Egon are still trying to get the Whittingtons, DiTillio, Madame LaFarge, Leda, the Carter kids, and more injokes I'll leave to mrmichaelt to point out, to safety, meaning outside Ghost World and into the slightly less unsafe environment environment of Schenectady (Schenectady Schenectady heh hehhehheh heh...)--as in the landscape of Venkman's mind, he and the Manitou are having an epic showdown.

Venkman is invited into his old Weaver Hall office (complete with "Venkman Burn In Hell" graffiti on the door) for a chat by the Manitou. The critter is wondering why Venkman isn't scared, since, you know, the Manitou is about to eat his soul and his friends are about to die blah blah blah. Venkman tries to talk sports; it isn't really the Manitou's thing, but it does provoke him to conjure up the Umpire from "Night Game" to attack the other Ghostbusters.

The Manitou sneers. It thinks it knows why Venkman isn't scared: it pulls the "You've lost what you care about most anyway, right?" card and conjurs up the image of a woman playing a cello. "I can't make it more obvious who this is, you know...IDW doesn't have the right to use Dana Barrett in their stories, even though I can't see why not since it's not like they have Bill Murray's likeness rights either." To which Venkman responds "Intellectual properties lawyers can be a low species of life". Okay, the last two sentences aren't in the story, but the next part is:

Venkman tells the Manitou he's figured it out: he has to be afraid before the critter can get about to the "devouring his soul" part. It pulled every trick in the book--the familiar locations, the old lost love ploy, even card tricks...and Venkman didn't crack. Cool 6 was just too much for it.

The Manitou freaks, doffing it's zombie Venkman form and revealing itself as a giant brain bug. About this same time, the Ghostbusters have scored a proton hit on the possessed body, causing the Manitou to declare that "WBOO, the Big Boo, is on the air!" as it manifests the form of "The Unreal Shriek Squeal" from "Station Identification". Of course, just about then Venkman shakes off the brain bug, and the other Ghostbusters pull the plug on it by trapping it for real this time.

As an epilogue, Janine (wearing a more conservative outfit she wore a few times in the show, most notably for this case "Doctor, Doctor"--several characters from that episode make cameos) visits Venkman in the hospital. We find out as an aftereffect of the possession, he's actually in better shape than before...aside from the whole cracked ribs, broken arm, and appendectomy thing...and got to rub Peck's "physical requirements" thing in his face. Janine turns to leave as Venkman opens his gift from Ray...a stuffed monkey from the Theme Park From Hell. She gets a satisfied smirk as he starts screaming invective.

It's one more time I wish this was a cartoon. I mean, sheesh, the late Lorenzo Music would have earned his paycheck on this one. Imagine him voicing not only Venkman in the inner world, the Manitou while it was doppleganging (I bet that's not a real word) Venkman's form, and the possessed Venkman in the outside world. Usually it was Frank Welker or Maurice LaMarche doing most of the talking to themselves. (Dave Coulier handle this script? Bwahahahahah...shyeah, right).

I gotta get my little nit picks in.

Mrmichaelt, Kingpin, and others agree it appears that, in the tiny type on Venkman's wrist band, his Date of Birth is listed as "11/21/..." something. Which doesn't make much sense, as that's Harold Ramis's birthday. Bill Murray's is 9/21. I would have been deliriously happy in the unlikely event the RGB-derived birthdate of October 24th was used.

(For what it's worth: Bill Murray was born on September 21, 1950. The GBI game suggested Venkman was born sometime in 1954. A date of October 25, 1956 has been attributed to RGB Venkman, but it's source may be fan-based; it does match the mention of Venkman being a Scorpio in "Mean Green Teen Machine", though--and admittedly, November 21 also matches that, but, again, it's Ramis's birthday, and RGB/EGB Egon's birthday as established by "Back In The Saddle". I used a combination of the GBI and RGB dates for a birthdate of October 25, 1954 in the Original Timeline.)

The Portable Ecto Containment Unit vehicle is neat looking. I'm just not sold on naming it "ECTO-2". For the last twenty-plus years, ECTO-2 has referred to either the Ghostbusters mini-helicopter, which was pretty cool, or as a trivia note for the original name of ECTO-1A (possibly changed as to not contradict the cartoon ECTO-2). I'd really prefer if IDW used the name, to have it be for something closer to the earlier ECTO-2. Call this neat new vehicle ECTO-3 because the ECTO-3 toy, a go-cart with paddles, was super lame; and the cartoon ECTO-3, a motorized unicycle with a sidecar for Slimer, was even lamer. It'd be neat to have an ECTO-3 that's actually awesome. Or even call it ECTO-9 because it's the next one after ECTO-8 from the Video Game.

(I mean, hey, Now turned on a dime when they referred to their own ECTO-3, but by the time it actually appeared two months later they were calling it ECTO-4--which is the second coolest Ghostbuster vehicle after the ECTO-1 itself)

Back next month, for the beginning of the Rogerpocalypse.

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By Josh Foote
So are there any updates about the 1:50 editions for the upcoming comics?
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By mrmichaelt
Here's a preview for Issue #8 and remember say "Yes!" Newsarama's preview But they omitted a page. It can be found in Spook Central's album but beware of one particular spoiler readers have waited for since #1.

Also Mr. Burnham pretty much confirmed there will be a short story in the Volume 2 trade paperback.
My goal today? The script for an 8 page short for Ghostbusters TPB v. 2.
So are there any updates about the 1:50 editions for the upcoming comics?
Sort of today, Tristan Jones tweeted this:
Also just found out I may be doing a very large number of sketch covers for Ghostbusters 9. Entire body seized up in shock now.
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