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By JoeLuna33
I like that! I may have to grab one. Now if I could just find a cool holster for my radiacmeter I'd be set with the obscure GB belt gear :)
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By JoeLuna33
I'm not so worried about being screen accurate with that. It's more about having a cool utility belt like Batman. My pack is where I care about accuracy.
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By Sutton621
I was in an audio class and the professor pulled one of those bad boys out (it was a more modern, digital version) but I still gasped with delight. It's a pretty cool devise.
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By JoeLuna33
It could but it's quite a bit smaller than you'd think. I really like the bands holding your sound meter in and think a holder like that would be cool for the radiacmeter.
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By Alex Newborn
Am I overlooking the link to the leather holster? I see a pic, but not a link.

There's a link to the non-leather holster, but I was wanting to compare.

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By skeg_man
Will the meter fit in fat side down? so the screen is showing?


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By AMC78
Demon, the nylon pouch I got, ebay link in previous post, looks good, fits the meter both ways. Just needs a loop mod for the back so the holster can be clipped to a gb2 nylon belt loop
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