For users in: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont.
By MRblahface
hey guys If you ever get any thing settled and become the GB OF CT let me know so I can update the topic. also there is a parade coming up and you guys are all invited. ... l_activity its a face book event. if you need invites let me know.
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By Wharin
Cant wait! Dont forget that radio dan. and i'll be in a no ghost logoed t shit and jeans.


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By Ejgunth87
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I changed the topic title, as we are now officially the GB of CT. So far there is only 4 of us, but we are always open to new people in the area. If you're lurking in this forum, and are interested in joining, the more the merrier. I bet we could have a bunch of gear ready for the St. Patty's day parade up in Boston
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By Wharin
I'll get the facebook up and running today, and talk to a buddy of mine about the logo!

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By Wharin
The facebook is made, and i added dan and eric for likes, once i get you guys as frends will get matt on and ill make you guys admins

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By danleroy
Sorry to hear you got the flu....that sucks big time! I'm sure we'll be getting together again and then you can join us. Sounds cool about the cookout. That would be awesome! Looking forward to meeting you.

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By Wharin
Sounds good to me! If you're on facebook, we have a page made, just search connecticut ghostbusters

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By Espo729
Hi there!

Name's Ray and I am interested in getting this band back together. I'm new here but I'm a huge ghosthead and would love to see if we can really get this Connecticut Franchise going.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!
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By duke009
whoa now, a ghostbusters group in ct?! I've been looking for a group here in ct for a long time, first time i noticed this thread. I am down in Bridgeport currently.

I have a uniform and belt (with some accessories i bought off my buddy) down currently, no cash for a pack just yet, got some other things i need to worry about like my wedding, plus id think my fiancee would kill me if she found out i spent wedding funds on a pack, haha.
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By Chris Weitzel
Manchester, CT here.

Currently saving up for a pack shell so, haven't started build yet.

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