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By groschopf
Excellent point!

It does remind me a bit of Jailbusters, but they differ in this way:

In RGB, the guys got lured into traps. The while story was kind of playful.

In this story, the guys are just yanked off of this plane of existence.
Egon is plucked straight out of the friendly confines of the firehouse, and Ray is grabbed proton gun in hand mid-stream.

Their whole world (and the next) suddenly feels incredibly unsafe. It's strangely shocking and ups the gravitas considerably. It's a really exciting development.

For some reason, when "the Other Side" tried something similarly menacing, it didn't quite work. I think the ongoing series has done such a good job getting the characters and the tone right that this threat seems entirely credible and that much more alarming.

… as an aside, perhaps the belt gizmo should actually have a function as a field generator to prevent spectral abductions from happening.
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By groschopf
AYKROYD... I should of known.

It took me a few minutes to pick up on the correlation of the fourth paperback and the four fingers.
I be slippin' in my elderly years.
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By mrmichaelt
AYKROYD... I should of known.

It took me a few minutes to pick up on the correlation of the fourth paperback and the four fingers.
I be slippin' in my elderly years.
lol. It's cool Dan and Luis have had the opportunity to do an extra bit of 'new' artwork for the trades. I wonder if they're still doing that 8 page exclusive short in the Volume 4 trade or it was pushed back again/placed into rigid stasis.
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By Cory Levy
I just got all caught up on the monthly series during the 99 cent sale and so far I could not write enough words about how truly excellent the series is. From the art to the story to the dialogue to the coloring to the homages and easter eggs, every single thing about this comic is done to perfection in my eyes. As evident by the comic adaptations that have preceded the monthly, it's extremely difficult to nail both the tone of the original films as well as the voices of the characters and that's what makes the monthly so damn pleasing: the crew behind it has surpassed those tests with flying colors. It's a feat in and out of itself that I can picture everything written in the books as being either an ad-libbed line by Murray or a thought out jargon by Aykroyd.

I'd personally like to give a thank you to the creators and creative minds behind the monthly comic as I know they occasionally frequent the boards here. It was more than worth the wait for a comic of this stature with the no-ghost logo stamped on it. From here on out I'll most likely be pre-ordering the single issues from GBfans. Kudos and keep up the great work. I hope this one stays on for a good long time.
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By Erik Burnham
Guys, here's an interview @ USA Today -- they have not just a sneak peek at issue 1, but also a taste of issue #2!

If you want to see why on earth the ladies are out in those shorts.........

http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2013 ... s/1913613/
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By Kingpin
Heh, pipped me to the post... I'll have to rename the copies I saved so that they're listed as issue 2. :)

Liking what I'm seeing.
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By mrmichaelt
Ha ha. So it was all his fault they're wearing shorts.

I agree, #2 is shaping up to be rather interesting.
Ron in the National Lampoon suit had me laughing so hard. And instead of a Ghost Jogger in Central Park being a jerk, it's a Ghost Murderer.
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And in IDW's own interview with Erik, we get a shot of another panel from #1 I think. Peter's line! heh.
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By mrmichaelt
NGB #1

Main story

Not as much shooting as I thought but I loved the homage to a GB1 scene on page 6 and 7. Page 11-13 was an interesting peak at the bureaucracy behind the scenes. Seems Peck is realizing Peter's idea about merchandising from the first movie. I liked how future Ghost Smashers companies were squashed, with an ordinance. Very cool, it was just a mundane solution. I guess that makes sense with Ron's inclusion but oh brother. I don't really like the idea of him being near all the equipment but I'm game to see what happens next.

RGB Back up

A ghost named Ralph from Queens meets Samhain. Yeah, okay.

Easters eggs so far
Cover Subscription Variant
*Janine's Newspaper
**Front Page
*There is a photo of the panel when the Ghostbusters first enter Fantastic Land at the end of Volume One, Issue #5
*There is a photo of the Phantom of the Opera from Volume One, Issue #13
**Back Page
*An article mentions PCOC and Walter Peck
*An article headline "Waltz Calls Vote" is in reference to IDW editor Tom Waltz
*There is a photo of the Necronomicon from the Real Ghostbusters episode "The Collect Call of Cathulhu"
*There is a photo of Egon's sketch of the twister from the Real Ghostbusters episode "Flip Side"
**Front Desk
*The robot and purple lizard toys are from Peter's desk in the Real Ghostbusters episode "Citizen Ghost"
*To the left of the phone is the tape recorder from the Real Ghostbusters episode "Citizen Ghost"
*The lamp is from Peter's desk in the first movie
*A Proton Pack, Particle Thrower, and Trap are present
*Behind Janine is a bag of Wise Natural Potato Chips like in the first movie
*On the top shelf, on the left, on top of a stack below Janosz and Lou's photos is the analyzer device from the Real Ghostbusters episode "Flip Side"
*The 1915 frame hanging up is from the first movie
**Photographs of characters taken from specific issues in Volume One
**Starting from the Left
*Neal the cop from Volume One, Issue #5
*Parkview doctor from Ghostbusters II/Volume One, Issue #13
*Jim Silver/Idulnas from Volume One, Issue #2
*Kylie Griffin from Volume One, Issue #6
*The investigator from Volume One, Issue #11
*Mr. Thibodeaux from Volume One, Issue #10
*Scotty from Volume One, Issue #5
*Special Agent Savage from Volume One, Issue #11
*Ron Alexander from Volume One, Issue #13
*Dani Shpak from Volume One, Issue #13
*Eugene Visitor from Volume One, Issue #8
**In the Middle
*Janosz Poha from Volume One, Issue #13
*Lou Kamaka from Volume One, Issue #13
*Alan Crendall from Volume One, Issue #1
*Jimmy from Volume One, Issue #3
*Tristan Jones from Volume One, Issue #3
*Luis Delgado from Volume One, Issue #1
*Tom Waltz from Volume One, Issue #3
*Bav the cop from Volume One, Issue #5
**On the Right
*Erik Burnham from Volume One, Issue #3
*Dan Schoening from Volume One, Issue #2
*Nurse Urdahl from Volume One, Issue #13
*Roger Baugh from Volume One, Issue #8
*Egon's Murdock-esque friend from Volume One, Issue #4
*Jenny Moran from Volume One, Issue #13
*Rookie from Volume One, Issue #13
*Special Agent Ortiz from Volume One, Issue #11
*Mayor of New York City from Volume One, Issue #9
*DJ Fever from Volume One, Issue #12
*Mayor of Seattle from Volume One, Issue #12

Page One
*Janine is wearing a classic outfit her animated counterpart wore on The Real Ghostbusters
*In the background is a Proton Pack from The Real Ghostbusters
*Atop the file cabinet is a Valentine's Day card from Roger Baugh. It refers to his pet name for Janine, "Twinkle"
*The Post-It note references the Real Ghostbusters Egon's nickname "Spookums" and mother

Page Two
*The Ritz Cafe is a reference to an eatery of the same name frequented by Slimer on the Slimer! animated spin-off.
*The Ritz Cafe is acting as a stand-in for the Tavern on the Green, seen in the first movie.
*On the far right is the Spider Witch with her victim in the Realistic Version of the "Return to the Sedgewick" level.
*Also witness to the kidnapping appears to be the Violinist from the first movie
*Ortiz refers to Peter as "Petey-O," a possible reference to Spider-Man

Page Three
*The entity that attacks Peter is visually based on one of the Peoplebusters from the Real Ghostbusters episode "Flip Side"
*The entity's pack and thrower is also visually based off a set from the Real Ghostbusters episode "Flip Side"

Page Five
*Behind Egon are the Nintendo Ghostbusters II and New Ghostbusters II game arcades.
*Winston was taken from Tiyah's apartment, seen in the Tainted Love one-shot

Page Six
*Ecto-1a is parked outside 325. Based on the address and designs, the Ghostbusters are investigating at Dana Barrett's apartment building from Ghostbusters II.
*The entity is based on the Jail Jaw Ghost accessory with Ray in Kenner's Fright Feature line
*The scene draws several parallels with Ray and Peter's first meeting with Slimer - the ghost drinking from a bottle, a Proton Stream missing it, and someone gets slimed.
*Near the Jail Jaw Ghost after Melanie misses it are the watermelon and pizza from the Kenner Green Ghost toy.
*In the refrigerator door is a Ecto-Cooler pouch. Above the refrigerator on the shelf are Stay Puft Marshmallows and a box of Cheez-It. In the refrigerator are Weinerwald and Ghost in a Can.

Page Seven
*Kylie is wearing a Ray's gray jumpsuit from Ghostbusters II.
*Behind Ortiz is the Foxhunt on Tiamat Island cursed artifact from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Realistic Versions

Page Nine
*Ortiz tried to use an Arm Mounted Proton Pack from the Tainted Love one shot

Page 10
*The officers present from left to right are Bav & Neal from Volume One, Issue #5, the Police Commissioner from the first movie, Lieutenant Frump from The Real Ghostbusters, and one of the cops from the First Avenue incident in the second movie.
*The police cars bear the emblem of Generous Motors from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Don't Forget the Motor City"
*The license plate BDR529 is the license of the Bluesmobile from the Blues Brothers franchise. It is Dan Aykroyd's nod to the Black Diamond Riders on 529 Jarvis Street in Canada.

Page 11
*Peck's folder is labeled Project Proteus Unlimited. Proteus Unlimited was the name of Proteus' office in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster"
*Also on the folder are episode data about "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster"

Page 12
*Peck's green paper appears to have factoids about the EPA and PCOC

Page 13
*By the Mayor is the crisis map the Police Commissioner utilized in the first movie
*Also by the Mayor is the Gainsborough's Blue Boy from Volume One, Issue #9 a rendition painted by Janosz last seen in Volume One, #16

Page 14
*The prison is the one from the first movie
*Kylie looks at the blueprints to the Shandor Building from the first movie
*The inmate is one of the extras from the prison scene
*"Bilzarian was here" could be a reference to Paul Bilzarian, a convicted corporate raider
*Peck arrives with the jail cop from the first movie

Page 15
*The limbo dimension is based on the Gozerian dimension designs from the first movie (seen in "Making Ghostbusters") and later utilized for the "Checking out the Library" level in Ghostbusters: The Video Game
*Peter references to being possessed again like in Volume 1 Issue #7. Coincidentally, it also loosely parallels his predicament in The Other Side.
*Peter refers to Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone

Page 17
*Peter jokes about "Peoplebuster," another reference to "Flip Side"
*Winston refers to the various Sumerian deities the Ghostbusters have defeated from Gozer and on

Page 18
*Outside the Firehouse is a Noble's Salvage tow truck, a reference to the yard visited in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Lost and Foundry"
*Next to Ortiz appears to be the box of contaminated uniforms from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Citizen Ghost"
*Behind Peck is Peter's Psychology Doctorate from Columbia University. It appears he got it on June 14th, 1980 and one of the signatures seen is Slavitza Jovan, who portrayed Gozer.
*The Vigo tapestry is still present

Page 19
*Behind Janine on the shelf are photos of Jenny and Dani, two of the Ghost Smashers from Volume 1
*Also behind is the bag of Wise Natural Potato Chips from the first movie
*To the right of Wise is a copy of Spengler's Spirit Guide from Extreme Ghostbusters but with the font of Pagan Rituals & Ceremonies from "Casting The Runes"

Page 20
*Ron's file takes some of the PCOC material from Volume 1 Issue #14
*Behind Janine is Egon's analyzer device from "Flip Side"

Page 22
*Ray refers to Egon's trip inside the Containment Unit in the Real Ghostbusters episode "X-Mas Marks the Spot"

Page 23
*Ralph meets Samhain, who refers to him as "little one"
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By Erik Burnham
Yeah, it's an 8 page story. Six pages to build to a punchline.

I realize now folks will like it more collected than serialized.

I'd do a longer story, but I'm nowhere near the digital colorist that Jones or Luis are. Maybe I'll try to learn!
By Halloween Undead
I really enjoyed the first issue of the New Ghostbusters, (both the story and art) even more than I thought I would. It's good to see Kylie in a more active role. And I think her character's design is much better than in Extreme Ghostbusters.
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By mrmichaelt
Yeah, it's an 8 page story. Six pages to build to a punchline.

I realize now folks will like it more collected than serialized.

I'd do a longer story, but I'm nowhere near the digital colorist that Jones or Luis are. Maybe I'll try to learn!
Nah, I'm probably still spoiled by the length of Tristan's "Who Killed Laura Parr?" stories last year. It's more getting back used to the 3 page back up format with ads at the end. I think.

EDIT: Oh yeah, that was the
Nameless Book from "Russian About" next to the Wise Chips and Spengler's Spirit Guide on Page 19
This Post Contains Spoilers
And also the solicit for Issue #4 gives away the name of those four who nabbed the Ghostbusters. Makes sense now with that one line in the text box after Peter vanished using a certain verb.
By HandSolo
I think I may have asked this once already, so sorry if I am repetitive: What is the gold whale paper weight on Janine's desk? (The tail is visible on page 1 frame 1 of TNGB #1 and has been in numerous other issues.)

Loved Jail Jaw!! The parallels of their first case were expected but good. I was confused by the comments about the arm mounted proton pack because you can't see it in the panel they are talking about it in (you finally get to see it 2-3 pages later from very far away). That dialogue probably confused many new readers.

I actually like the line up of the NEW Ghostbusters a lot more than I thought I was going to. I thought I was going to be counting the issues until the old G's came back, but now I am already wondering what will happen with the new team when they do.
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By Erik Burnham
I plan to continue using New Ghostbusters in the book going forward... a support unit. "Winston is busy, Egon is busy, we should probably have three on this... who's on tap?"

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By Razorgeist
So far so good. I hope we see Ortiz playing off Peck in the future. They're technically both civil servants so peck cant use that as a crutch when arguing with her. Does anyone know if she was visually based on anyone in particular?

As a fan of EGB Im glad that Kylie is getting some time in the sun in this continuity. Cant wait to see how this moves forward.
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By Kingpin
A couple more:
Cover Subscription Variant
"Oh My Gosh" - taken from the specially printed edition of the Tombstone Epitaph in Ghost Fight at the O.K. Corral

Page 5
*Egon is wearing his blue labcoat from the Ghostbusters' commercial from the first movie.
*Ray is abducted at Elaine Furman's house in Ray's hometown from Look Homeward, Ray.

Page 18
*The radio and microphone unit used by Janine in Flipside are stashed on top of the filing cabinets at the side of the Firehouse.
*The Skull of Ivo Shandor is on the side table by Ortiz in Peter's Office.
This Post Contains Spoilers

An enjoyable start to the New Ghostbusters arc... I eagerly look forward to #2 as things will be in full swing and I'm sure there'll be plenty of busting action. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Erik's Real Ghostbusters backup plays out. :)

I plan to continue using New Ghostbusters in the book going forward... a support unit. "Winston is busy, Egon is busy, we should probably have three on this... who's on tap?"

Neat... it's pretty cool now that we're well into the comic's second year, it's starting to branch out and develop the world even further, ranging from a growing supporting cast list to expansion of the company beyond the Rookie and his Chicago field office. :)
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By Dapper Dan
Glad everyone is diggin the New Ghostbusters! Thanks for all the feedback :) The success of the book is a testament to Erik's great writing and the passion we all have for the Ghostbusters. Razorgeist, Ortiz is visually based on a combination of Paz Vega and Sofia Vegara. Great job on finding the eggs in the issue too! I think there are still a few more to find :)
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By mrmichaelt
A couple more:
Page 18
*The Skull of Ivo Shandor is on the side table by Ortiz in Peter's Office.
This Post Contains Spoilers
Great finds, Kingpin. In terms of the last one, I think that's even where you find it in the Firehouse in the game.

EDIT: Some more finds. The couple by the Ritz who see Peter get nabbed is that angry married couple Egon used for a test in Ghostbusters 2. The portly cop by the GB2 cop in that stand off page is one of the officers who escorted the Ghostbusters to City Hall in Ghostbusters.

Found more on page one
*The labels on the file cabinets reference characters from past issues and The Real Ghostbusters
**Abernathy: President of Generous Motors in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Don't Forget The Motor City"
**Carter: Family haunted by Boogieman in The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Boogieman Cometh"
**Dunbar: Boss at the Eastside Auto Salvage Yard in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Follow That Hearse"
**Fairless: Father and daughter who hired Ghostbusters in "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?" short in Haunted Holidays trade
**Lorne: Owner of Lorne's Greenhouse and Garden Center in The Real Ghostbusters episode "A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn"
**Meredith: Two boys targeted by Grundel in the Real Ghostbusters episode "The Grundel"
**Thibodeaux: Go between for Marie Laveau in Issue #10
**Visitor: Egon's friend who captured Death in Issue #5, 8 and 16
*And in Kylie's panel, to the left of her is a Big Greaser meal, seen in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Something's Going Around"

Page nine
*One panel 2, the Anguished Stuffed Bear from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Realistic Versions is behind Kylie on a table
*Also on panel 3, to the right of Ortiz is part of the Ravishing Red Prince from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Realistic Versions.
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By Fritz
Fritz Babbles About Ghostbusters #17 :P

So, after last month's Martian invasion, we get back to normal with the Ghostbusters. Normal being, to paraphrase one of Peter Venkman's best lines ever, a fairly relative term in their case, of course.
Aw, look. Melanie Ortiz, who appeared in "Haunted America" is in New York. Apparently, she decided she wanted the Doctor V after all. And since she's a breathing human being with two X chromosomes, Venkman's not going to dissuade her, right? And like I said when she was first introduced, she's a little bit of a Dana Scully in-joke and we all know how Venkman is around tall women named Dana.

So they're walking around on a date, and then Venkman gets kidnapped by Peoplebuster Venkman.

In short order, glittery off-camera entities snag Egon, Ray, and Winston. All of a sudden, New York has a massive shortage of professional paranormal investigators and eliminators.

Did I say things were getting back to "normal"? Hah hah. I lied.

We shift to three months later, and three people in flight suits with the names "Spengler", "Venkman", and "Stantz" are on a bust. They do catch the ghost, Jail Jaw, but not before "Venkman" gets slimed. Seems an oddly familiar setup...

But it's not Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, and Ray Stantz--it's Janine Melnitz, Melanie Ortiz, and Kylie Griffin, respectively.

On the one hand, it's kind of disappointing to have completely skipped the immediate aftermath of the Ghostbusters being abducted. I mean, good grief, in #14 Janine has an argument with Egon, the implications of which hadn't sunk into her yet (at least not on camera) and then he disappears? How bad did she freak out about that? On the other hand...she IS the one wearing the "Spengler" flight suit...

Our old friend Wally Wick, the Ghostbusters' resident Asshole Boss figure, isn't happy about the whole thing, but he's working an angle: accept new agreements with the city, and Janine, Kylie, and Ortiz can be the official New Ghostbusters. The Ghostsmashers were a big hit with the general public because they were 3/4 leggy women kicking ghost butt, and Peck sees an opportunity to replicate that success. He doesn't like them, granted, but Janine is knowledgeable about the Ghostbusters operation--and has access to the Containment Unit and other GBI systems; Kylie is knowledgeable about the paranormal; and Ortiz is a Federal Agent, after all. All three also just happen to be leggy women, to boot. There's just one catch: they need someone to maintain the equipment. With the two top experts currently vacationing in another dimension, ironically enough, the only one left who knows the tech...

...Disgraced Ghostsmasher founder and leader Ron "Jake Kong, and You're Not" Alexander.

Now, as everyone who's read much of my postings and fan stories knows, I'm a big Janine fan, and one of the appeals of this story arc is her new status as the experienced veteran. And yeah, even though the cover has her in Venkman's colors, I much prefer the implications of her choosing Egon's flight suit in this issue.

Kylie is another great character, generally regarded as the best of Extreme Ghostbusters' additions to the franchise, and it's good to see her coming "full circle" just a little bit. Why, she even had an EGB PKE Meter on the cover, and everything. She's been brought into the property in this version through a connection with Ray, so it makes sense that if she has to wear any of the original Ghostbusters' colors, it'd be his--though having her wearing Ray's darker GB2 suit in the book itself fits even better (I can't help it--I went in the direction of her in a dark flight suit myself.

Melanie Ortiz is still kind of a blank slate, this only being her second appearance, so we'll see where it goes. She wears Venkman's flight suit presumably because, again, he's the original Ghostbuster she's most strongly connected to, though the cover illustration has her in Winston's colors. Since her training as an FBI agent makes her undoubtedly the best one of the New Ghostbusters in a fight, it does parallel her with the former Marine Winston is.

And Ron? Well, that jerk's gonna have a long way to go to make up for all the trouble he caused. I guess he got Egon's colors by process of elimination, and being the resident techie by default, though he's really more like Venkman with even less scruples.

And after all of that, we begin our new cartoon-flavored backup strip this issue. It starts with Venkman and Ray dropping off a ghost in the Containment Unit, and Venkman makes a hilarious joke about Egon's long-windedness. Inside the ECU, the new occupant meets one of the heavyweights: Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, and we don't mean the stage magician either.

Boy, if this was coming out closer to October, I'd be really really worried about that fact...
This Post Contains Spoilers
See everyone in a month (gah...more like two weeks, I'm so late on this one...)
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By mrmichaelt
Crossing the Streams Episode 30 is up and Erik Burnham appears in the roundtable section. Lot's of good bits about the New Ghostbusters and rights. But one of the nice takeaways was Burnham confirmed he wrote an eight page Scoleri Brothers story and it was meant to appear in the second trade paperback but Dan Schoening is just to busy to draw it. Someday maybe. Eh, guess they escaped from the Shandor incident relatively unscathed like Slimer.
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By mrmichaelt
1) Issue #2 Previews

Standard Preview for Volume 2, Issue #2 "The New Ghostbusters" Part 2

Spook Central's preview with a few more preview images. There's one scene in particular that I think trumps my love of the one from #15 when Egon chokes Ron.

2) Following the Nerd Podcast Episode 52

(Recorded on March 8th) Erik and the FTN crew talk Ghostbusters up to around 43 minutes then shift to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lot's of interesting bits, brief summary:
*Erik requested who Roger Baugh would be based on
*Looking on doing an issue in the near future where Egon and Roger are forced to spend time together
*Is writing Issue #5. Up to #8 is locked in. Expect 9-12 and for foreseeable future. Coming up with plans.
*Has a tentative plan for #9-12: a very weird story that may or may not work plus needs to get permissions for it
*Kylie and Janine are definitely involved in #5-8, Ghostbusting in a way
*When initially writing Melanie and Ron, Erik knew they would be brought back later on but at the time didn't have The New Ghostbusters arc idea yet. Tentatively was just thinking of bringing Ron back with another scheme to make money and Melanie just for fun.
*Was going to use Jenny for the fourth New Ghostbuster but needed someone with tech expertise so Ron came in
*In #2, fun scenes with Ron irritating the ladies. He's a polarizing element.
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By Erik Burnham
Minor spoilers for #5-8...
Janine will be facing consequences from NGB#3 -- you'll find out what she did in a month! -- and Kylie will, in no uncertain circumstances, be out 'Busting. Melanie will have gone back to NM, but the FBI just won't be the same for her, and Ron... well... Ron was ALMOST killed off. But I decided to do something else with him...

Also, GHOST SHIPS! The return of other characters! Drama for Winston! WHEE!
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