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By shifty02
It's almost that time once again for the ECCC. I'll be there all three days, although I'll only be in GB gear on Sat & Sun. Since I've been a GB at ECCC, it's the most fun I've had and get pics taken all day. Last year it took a full 1 1/2hrs to walk through the lobby because of all the photo requests :D. If anyone is in the area and wants to suit up, I'd really recommend going. It's a fun time for all! And I'm sure I'll have a butt-ton of pics after the event like always :D

So anyone else going?
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By TheBigGuy
Didn't notice this thread until now, but I'm trying to gear up a group to appear at the Rose City Comic-Con (Portland) in September, and I've already thought about going to ECCC next year. I would love to hear about your experience this year and see pics if you have 'em! Peace.
By pseadynamo
I bought tix for 2013 and my 4 yr old son and I will be dressed up on Saturday. His outfit is sorta a mix of RGB and the first movie. My wife is coming along mainly to take pix and meet Patrick Stewart. Hey... had to bribe her somehow. Hope to see some other Seattle GBFANS!

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