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By Demon Vice Commander
I've been meaning to share this for a while now; it's a revised version of the Bumper label, reconstructed using the scan of the label from Volgus's GB2 semi-hero bumper. I've overlaid it next to the label on the Venkman Hero Pack for reference.

Any thoughts?

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By eyesadrift
Valentino sir your decals are amazing! Slapped your bar graph sticker of my jupiter led bar as a joke and I about slimed myself on how beautiful and accurate it looks now! Thank you.
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By Desslok
Bah! Phooey! Where can you get the labels printed? Some kind of nice metailc looking print stock, not just something spat out of a laser printer? I tried Kinkos and they looked at me like I had a third head and the professional print shops cost something like 30+ bucks.

Somewhere on-line selling them? Where do you guys get yours? Or do you just go the laser printer route and suck it up?
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By jackdoud
If you want to go the printing route you can purchase adhesive metallic foil paper online, here's a place I found: ... esive.html

Just take it along with the files to Kinkos and have them follow the directions.
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By julz
Nice work on the bargraph!
By stantz
These labels are great but I have a little problem, when I try to print I get asked for a password, weird... What is the password if there is one? Cheers :)
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By Ecto79
Does anyone K OW the exact length and width of the words "No Handle" for the slime blower?
By jayjayn
I'm doing 80 or 88 percent for my spirit pack, i'm liking the 88 percent so far for the bottom part haven't tried the top stickers yet
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