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By mrmichaelt
Main Story: Great ending to another arc but too went by too fast. More so with two busts going on at once. Loved Peter's mouth and Winston's law studies came in real handy this issue.

Back Up: lmao, of all the kids in the world that would tick Ron off, it had to be that one (See easter eggs list) but
Whoa, it seems the Bogeyman will in Issue #12 based on this design and the one on the cover.
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Overall the 3 Rookie and Ron backs ups from this arc have convinced me a spin off title would be so awesome (as if I can't stop pining for one). But sales on this main title have to increase a whole lot from an average right now of 7000 units/month to 12,000-15,000 units/month in order for a spin off to be considered.

Easter Eggs so far (sparse this issue)
Regular Cover
*There are Ghostbusters Slots behind Winston

Cover RI
*The Real Ghostbusters appear in place of Mystery Incorporated from a scene in the Scooby Doo Where Are You? title sequence.

Page Four
*Peter refers to the Ghostbusters' time in the Collectors' Limbo in Volume 2 Issues #1-3

Page Six
*The award is named after Ivo Shandor

Page Eight
*There is a Twinkie by the phone

Page 11
*Ray refers to the Ghostbusters' escape from the Collectors' Limbo in Volume 2 Issue #3.

Page 18
*Winston refers to the others talking about stingy hotel managers. A similar showdown occurred between the three and the manager of the Sedgewick Hotel in the first movie.

Page 19
*Peter and Ray take Francis to the Village Cemetery in Vineyard Haven, Tisbury located on Martha's Vineyard in Duke's County, Massachusetts.

Page 21
*The title page once again utilizes the second printing of Volume 2 Issue #1's cover

Page 22
*Once more, Nevermore is a stand in for Edgar Allen Poe Elementary School
*Once more, the teacher is visually based on Sigourney Weaver
*Once more, Matt Prov of Cross the Streams, makes a cameo as a student with glasses
*Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg is on the paper directly above Prov's head
*There is a Jaguars T-shirt in the boy's closet, from The Real Ghostbusters "Night Game"

Page 23
*The Brownstone Boy from the party in Ghostbusters II heckles Ron with a spin on the line he used on Ray.
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By mrmichaelt
1) Erik Burnham just tweeted Issues #11 and 12 will contain back up stories that will lead into the 8 part story arc starting in Issue #13!

2) Erik also hinted "More Rookie & Ron stories to happen soon. (;" Gosh, hope they're not responsible for setting off another end of the world event.

3) Erik has begun breaking down plans for the 8 parter after Happy Horror Days.

4) From the NYCC IDW panel,
An audience member asked about their licensed comics, such as Ghostbusters and My Little Pony. Are there any more licensed series they hope to add to their lineup in the future? Goldstein said that IDW is always looking at new properties.

Will there be any Extreme Ghostbusters stories in the future? Ryall said they were content with their current output.
5) Blair D Shedd will be drawing the back up story in Issue #10. I think it's the one with Walter Peck playing golf with politicians.

6) Erik, Dan, Luis and Tom started a Tumblr to promote the Happy Horror Days arc starting later this month. It will have behind the scenes art and stories, fan art, favorite panels, teasers about upcoming stories, and anything else they can think of. http://ghostbustersidw.tumblr.com/ Please share the link across your social media accounts and stay tuned. :cool:
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By Vee
Almost all of these updates result in me doing aggressively doing happy dances where I punch the air.
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By ez_aquarii
I can't help but be reminded of 'John Dies at the End' with that meat golem.
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By caleconners83
Yes!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but Eduardo was awesome in EGB's. he was by far my favorite of the crew, with Kylie a close second. Keep up the great work Eric and Dan!!
By Threadender
So... looks like we might be seeing Eduardo very soon in Issues #10 and 11 (based on the tags). :)
If it is him, there's somebody on the Ectozone board that's going to be thrilled.

I'm rather excited by the idea myself, truth to be told.
Agreed. I can definitely see a possible and slow merging of EGB characters over time, which would be pretty awesome.
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By mrmichaelt
Here's a preview of the front cover (by Dan Schoening and Luis Delgado) for the Volume 6 trade coming in early December.

http://ghostbustersidw.tumblr.com/post/ ... ly-remains

Heh, just like the Volume 3 trade's cover (Peter shooting at the Phantom Truck Driver), Dan got to draw some interior art excerpts he didn't do originally - Winston with Thunder & Lightning and Peter, Ray, and Kylie investigating the Ghost Ship with Ecto-8 in the background in Issues #7-8.
By Megalomaniac
I just want to say this comic has been the best ever done about our favourite Fab Four and their secretary. The characterization is top-notch, especially with Janine. Her best aspects of her RGB season 1 persona and movie persona have been combined perfectly. Dare I say, I'm actually looking forward to the time Egon gets it through his head and pursues more than just friendship with her
By liverstealer82
This series is fantastic and I'm really looking forward to the 8 issue arc as well as the X-Files crossover. Somewhat random: Does anyone know if IDW has permission to use Ilyssa Selwyn from the game? I know for whatever legal reasons they can't use Dana or Louis. Just think it would be interesting to see her show up in the comic.
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By mrmichaelt
This series is fantastic and I'm really looking forward to the 8 issue arc as well as the X-Files crossover. Somewhat random: Does anyone know if IDW has permission to use Ilyssa Selwyn from the game? I know for whatever legal reasons they can't use Dana or Louis. Just think it would be interesting to see her show up in the comic.
Based on what Mr. Burnham said in an interview earlier this year (jump to #13), the answer is "yes" they do. It seems like with the movies and animated series, they have to ask beforehand. For example, using Janosz, they had to ask ahead of time. Here's Burnham's answer:
ERIK BURNHAM: Well, when I’m doing something large (say, the New Ghostbusters arc) I need to get advanced approval, and that can have a pretty fast turnaround – I’ve been answered same day, in some cases. In other cases, they’ve given me a little bit of leeway.

I pay attention to what I can’t do: I was given a small list early on – for example, if something was in the video game, it was cleared, so I knew Rookie was someone I could make use of. In the case of Janosz, I asked Tom beforehand – if Tom had said either no or that he needed to check, I wouldn’t have gone ahead until I had a yes. If I were to write something that was later decided to be a no-go, I’d simply have to rewrite. That’s how things work in any situation where you’re playing with someone else’s toys.
I would like to see Selwyn in the comic, too. She probably went back to her guest lecturing and archeological digs (as mentioned in the Atari character sheet) after the Shandor incident but I always wondered what the comic crew's spin on her would be.

EDIT: After doing more searching on that Mass Hysteria! teaser, it seems the modified No Ghost symbol is based on the Symbol of Chaos, eight arrows in a radial pattern, which then associated with Chaos magic, the Illuminates of Thanateros, and the like.
By liverstealer82
Interesting. I seem to recall one of the writers from RGB say something similar about an episode they were pitching. Apparently they wanted to animate the Statue of Liberty as a story point. This was right before GB2 came out. Columbia nixed that idea for obvious reasons. I wonder if the same idea holds true for the comics and a potential third movie.

A society of chaos magicians? Count me in!
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By mrmichaelt
Release date is still fuzzy (sucks though, October 30 is the perfect date for this) but colored panel teasers of Issue #9 are being posted on the Ghostbusters Tumblr the past couple days.
-October 22: Ghostbusters are headed to Grand Central to take on a famous ghost
--http://ghostbustersidw.tumblr.com/post/ ... le-for-the
-October 26: Staff Meeting!
--http://ghostbustersidw.tumblr.com/post/ ... -how-about
By Halloween Undead
Looking forward to Happy Horror Days.

It would be cool if, at some point, a story arc was written about John Tobin and his investigations which accumulated all of the material for his Spirit Guide; a chronicle of his travels across the globe in search of spiritual entities from various cultures and civilizations. That would make an intriguing comic in itself.
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By mrmichaelt
Heck yes it would, Halloween Undead.

Judging by Previews and Comixology's pages, Issue #9 will release on November 6th. :(

In the meantime, Dan Schoening posted the final version, w/o lettering, of page one. Pretty cool seeing how close they stick to the legend. But I had to lol at panel 4, reminded of the others one that popped up at the end of The Other Side.
http://danschoening.deviantart.com/art/ ... -410069617
By GhstbstrLMLIII
Too bad that it got pushed back. Hopefully, the distribution will get back on schedule with the next one. I know I've dropped off commenting after each one comes out - but I really have nothing but good things to say about the book. The whole team is doing a great job. I'm still picking up both covers for each book, and hope this continues for a long time to come.
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By mrmichaelt
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By mrmichaelt
Spook Central has posted the preview for Issue #9. Issue #9 does indeed release next week, November 6th.
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 044&type=3

Also, Diamond (not IDW) decided the two issues a month catch up will shift to November so for now #9 and #10 will both release this month. https://twitter.com/erikburnham/status/ ... 3854691329

I think Tristan Jones is back doing some covers for upcoming issues.
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By Fritz
Fritz Babbles About Ghostbusters #24 (V2#8)

I apologize to the few people who care for this being so late. Real life stuff, and some other priorities. But I feel like I got to say something before the next issue makes it out. :lol:

This will be short:
Winston catches the ghost in Vegas, and once more proves why he'll be a much better lawyer than that loser Louis ever will be: the hotel manager (an Edwin McShane lookalike) threatens to sue Winston and GBI for all the damage he caused, Winston counters that the manager didn't give him true and factual statements as to the nature and danger of the haunting. The manager folds like a cheap umbrella and Winston goes on to enjoy the rest of his vacation with his fiancee.

Venkman, Ray, and Kylie find the source of the haunting, Francis Harding, the son of the John Milton's captain. They catch the ghost, and take it to Ephram Harding's grave; the ghost disperses peacefully, and the ghost ship flies off into the ether.

Ron and the Rookie. Eh. I think there's potential there, but right now it's gonna take some work. Ron is just too much of a complete jerk to like at all, and the Rookie is the most boring character in the history of the franchise; he makes the previous holder of the honor, Roland Jackson, look like a paragon of Shakespearean nuance.

I guess though, I gotta ask one thing--if you're going to keep Ron around, please, for grife's sake, get him out of Egon's flight suit. It was one thing when he was part of a matched set of RGB injoke colors, but now that he's not just...yeah.
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By mrmichaelt
Cross The Streams just posted Episode 36, which includes a chat with Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening
http://crossthestreams.ghostbustersnews ... 8Y.twitter

Here's a brief list of comic-related news, there's much more to listen to and great jokes.
*Dan Schoening is working on #11 currently
*The back up stories in Issues #11 and 12 will be six pages. Yes, six pages. But as a result, the main story will be a bit shorter in count.
*The back up in #11 is drawn by Felipe Torrent and involves Ray's Occult Books
*Eduardo might appear in #11
*Another character from The Video Game will be showing up in the comic

And perhaps, the coolest reveal so I'll put in spoiler tags, it involves the 8 part arc
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By Fritz
And perhaps, the coolest reveal so I'll put in spoiler tags, it involves the 8 part arc
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Nice. Tiamat did appear in the cartoon, but since she's from actual mythology it doesn't make it a direct tie-in. I still wonder if Bahamut*...er, I mean, I wonder if Marduk will make an appearance. That would be totally totally cool.

*--Too much DnD lately for me I guess :lol:
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By mrmichaelt
Nice. Tiamat did appear in the cartoon, but since she's from actual mythology it doesn't make it a direct tie-in. I still wonder if Bahamut*...er, I mean, I wonder if Marduk will make an appearance. That would be totally totally cool.
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My friend, you forget...
Tiamat was made part of the Movie/Prime canon in Ghostbusters: The Video Game during the museum level - "Few historical records of this period exist and much of what we know about the time period relies on conjecture, legend, and unverified occultist text. Gozer was worshiped by a large Sumerian subculture dedicated to destruction and chaos. The Gozer Cult waged a long protracted war with the followers of Tiamat in the 4th millennium B.C. The armies of Tiamat defeated the Gozer Cult and the resulting mythology tells of the victorious Tiamat banishing Gozer from this world. Gozer the Destroyer became Gozer the Traveler, voyaging to multiple worlds and conquering them. In a key aspect of the legend, Gozer allowed one hero from each world to choose its own Destructor Form. Gozer would then manifest in the chosen form to destroy and conquer that world. Gozer gained access to each world via the coupling of two demigod ambassadors, a Keymaster and a Gatekeeper. History only reveals the names of two of these minions, Vinz Clortho and Zuul. It is believed there are many others."
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So you see, there is a tie-in...

And also, Tristan posted a teaser of a cover he's currently working on

But onto Issue #9!

Main Story
Erik has seem to taken joy in pairing Kylie and Peter together. It's a bit sacrilegious, but he's made it more interesting seeing them team up than Kylie and her mentor Ray. Hopefully, Erik can concoct a story with those two soon.

As for the ghosts, pretty cool the story dug into actual lore from the ghost of Maud S. to Stingy Jack and even the Devil. The Devil?! Well, The Other Side established Heaven, Angels, God, Purgatory and the like. Why not Hell and the Devil?

Peck making a deal with the FBI? What's he scheming...

But haha, the ending but poor Ray. Admittingly, the battle in the park felt kind of anticlimactic and not enough shooting but it was really the Devil vs. Stingy Jack and the Ghostbusters were chess pieces. I hope next issues baddie is more antagonistic that Stingy and there's more proton streams.
This Post Contains Spoilers
Easter Eggs so Far
Page 1
*In their first encounter, Stingy Jack tricked the Devil into turning into a silver coin to pay of his bar tab then placed him in his pocket with a crucifix.
*In their second encounter, Stingy Jack tricked the Devil into climbing a tree to get him an apple. The tree's base was lined with many crucifix.
*Old Scratch is a folk name for the Devil.
*The infamous Saint Peter standing at the pearly gates is illustrated.
*The Ghostbusters commercial refers to two different commercials
**The free hot beverage thermal mug and balloon is from the commercial in Ghostbusters II
**The 555-2368 phone number is from the commercial in Ghostbusters

Page 2
*The ghost is based on local legend Maud S. who is said to haunt Grand Central Terminal. Maud was once kept at the terminal by its owner Vanderbilt after its career as a racehorse.
*Peter and Kylie are at the 60 East 42nd Street entrance at the Vanderbilt Avenue cross section.
*With their backs to the reader, the couple on the right watching Peter and Kylie are the frightened couple who run into a diner full of skeletons in The Real Ghostbusters episode "When Halloween Was Forever"
*The man under the Vanderbilt street sign is Sean Bishop wearing Marty McFly's outfit from Back to the Future.
*The bystander in the blue trench coat is the Jack-O-Lantern vendor from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Halloween Door"
*Next to the vendor is Lynn Stacy from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Halloween Door"

Page 3
*Peter's Mr. Dead line is a pun on Mister Ed, an American TV comedy series featuring a talking horse
*The irate taxi driver is visually based on the caricature of staffer John Calmette seen at the end of The Real Ghostbusters episode "Ghosts R Us"

Page 4
*To the left of the taxi driver is Laura Summer, the first voice of Janine Melnitz on The Real Ghostbusters.
*To the right, is the taxi driver's customer in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Ghosts R Us"

Page 5
*Mainway Costumes & Novelties, along with its advertised costumes Johnny Space Commander and Invisible Pedestrian are a nod to a Saturday Night Live sketch that featured costumes that were very dangerous for children to wear. The sketch featured Dan Aykroyd as Irvin Mainway, president of the company.

Page 6
*The Firehouse decorations are based on those seen in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Halloween II 1/2"
*Walter Peck mentions the Mayor, last seen in Volume 2 Issue #1
*Peter and Winston quibble about Devil's Night's association with Detroit where it is notorious for excessive vandalism and arson from the 1970s to 1990s.
*The note by the pumpkin on Janine's paper refers to the Wartmongers, the band who played at the Ghostbusters' party in The Real Ghostbusters episode "Halloween II 1/2"
*Winston is wearing a Detroit police shirt.
*Peter's shirt appears to reference Lorenzo Music, the first voice of Peter on The Real Ghostbusters
*On Janine's pencil mug is "Ye Olde Schnooker and Schnapps Shoppe" a nod to Sleepy Hollow
*On Peck's folder is episode information of The Real Ghostbusters episode "When Halloween Was Forever"

Page 7
*Ray mentions Jenny Moran and alludes to Lou Kamaka and Dani Shpak, all ex-Ghost Smashers.
*In the alley with Ecto-2 is the Rock Opera Machine from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Halloween Door"

Page 9
*The Zombie Taxi Driver from the first movie brought Mel to the Firehouse.
*To left of Janine is the side of Qbert machine used in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Realistic Versions
*The miniature of the Anti-Halloween Machine appears on the shelf
*The two books in the lower left are "A History of Ghosts" a book by Dan Aykroyd's father and the other has the Icon Ghost on it.
*On Egon's board are nods to Halloween, The Real Ghostbusters, and repurposing of art posted online by Dan Schoening
**Photographs of Samhain, the Infinity symbol and the clock relic
**Silk Hatton. Its headless other half was seen in Volume 1, Issue #2 on the Empire State Building observation deck.
**Boogaloo from The Real Ghostbusters "The Halloween Door"
**Near Boogaloo's photo is a reference to Beggar's Night, a regional term for Halloween in parts of Midwest and Eastern America such as Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and western New York.
**In the middle, a photo of the Black Slime Elemental from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Stylized Versions
**Next to the elemental, a photo of Death from Volume One. Appropriately, "Unknown Class" is written by its photo.
**In the bottom middle, a photo of Slimer.
**On the right, a photo of what from The Real Ghostbusters "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood"
**By what, a photo of an unused ghost concept from the first movie shown in Making Ghostbusters, page 89.

Page 10
*Egon's clipboard has Don Shay's map of shooting locations from a page from Making Ghostbusters, page 26.
*Kylie drinks from a can of Blody, a product advertised in Times Square in The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Halloween Door"
*On the cork board behind Melanie are several references
**A photo of Samhain's two goblin minions from The Real Ghostbusters
**A Ghostbusters I.D. Card from the Kenner toys
*Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg is on the sign by Janine
*The incident sign by Janine is a nod to Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Realistic Versions

Page 11
*Peter refers to Hell's Kitchen, which was briefly visited in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode "Back in the Saddle" Part One.

Page 16
*Egon mentions Pliny the Elder, a Roman statesman who notably wrote an encyclopedic work titled "Naturalis Historia," which became a model for all other encyclopedias.
*Egon also mentions Samhain.
*The hands wrapping around the Moon is a nod to Disney's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

Page 20
*Egon muses Stingy Jack was just a Simulacrum or copy of the original.

Page 21
*The pin up is a nod to Lucy's booth in Peanuts.
*The pin up is also a nod to Peter's electric shock experiment at the start of the first movie, complete with the Male Student

Page 22
*The pin up nods to Ray's memory of roasting Stay Puft Marshmallows at Camp Waconda
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By Kingpin
The Story:
It's nearly Halloween and the Ghostbusters are busy with a collection of spooks who have gotten pretty restless with October 31st approaching. A ghost at Grand Central gives Dan the opportunity to depict some more great visuals of New York city and its architecture.

One amusing sliming scene later, coupled with some nice dialogue with Kylie and Peter (who are quacking becoming one of my favourite teamups to come out of IDW's title), and things have shifted back to the Firehouse.

Nice to see Peck reasonable satisfied with the Ghostbusters' performance for a change, they mustn't have blown anything up recently.

As Venkman and Peck argue inside, the Ghostbusters meet up with Mel Ortiz, freshly transplanted back to the Big Apple from New Mexico... setting up the Day of the Dead theme to issue #10, and once again likely building on the building relationship between her and Venkman... it'll be interesting to see where things progress.

Mel's arrival is quickly overshadowed by Stingy Jack's escapade in Central Park, and the Ghostbusters are called out to investigate... and although the bust is short, it does provide some nice historical development... as well as some great dialogue between the various characters. An additional plus is seeing one of the Slime Blowers, which to date have been used sparingly... and thus effectively so that they don't come off as overused.

With Jack seemingly defeated, the tale comes to an all-too-quick close.
This Post Contains Spoilers

The Trivia:
Not a lot that hasn't already been picked clean by my esteemed colleague, he's now even going to my anal level of detail in identifying the locations. :)
Page 7
* Interesting note here, Dan's depicted the station's alarm housing (the big carved wooden thing with the alarm light and bell in the movie) in it's heyday, featuring the fancy bell apparatus that'd been long gone by the time the movie filmed in 1984.

Page 8
* The Ghostbusters are looking off down North Moore Street, towards the Hudson.

Page 9
* The Ecto-1 design drawings from Don Shay's Making Ghostbusters is taped near the top of the board.
* Part of the storyboard/script synopsis, also from Don Shay's Making Ghostbusters is to the left of the Ecto-1 drawings.

Page 11
* The establishing shot of the fire over Central Park is looking south, towards the North Meadow Recreation Centre and it's baseball/softball fields.
* The spectral fire is manifesting at Glen Span Arch on West Drive, in the North Woods section of Central Park.
* The engine is emblazoned with "Ladder 8", likely a reference to Hook & Ladder 8, the station used as the Ghostbusters' Firehouse (exterior).
* The Goggles Kylie is wearing are the assemblies designed by Egon that were modified to make poltergeists visible, seen in Cry Uncle.
* The view of the visors is designed to resemble the vision from the Paragoggles in Ghostbusters: The Video Game (realistic version).
* The Ghosts seen in Kylie's "goggle vision" reflect a potential concept for the interior of the Containment Unit, detailed in Don Shay's book, which was dropped from the movie.

Special Bonus:
Louis Delgado's #15 easter egg is written on the wooden cross on the cover of #10
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