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By usforce
I figure a 38R or a 40R might work; I'm going to be wearing clothes underneath. May need the 40R for more space?
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By EctoFuzzy
Anybody have suggestions for those of us that are short? I am only 5'6 and with all the jump suit inseams being the same length, I'm kind of dwarfed. I have a large flight suit that I purchased off gbfans. I don't know how hemming would work with the zippers on the bottom...
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By Buckfutter
I'm 5' 8", and I wear a 42R Nomex suit. You can check out the size comparisons between brands for yourself, but I think a 40R would fit you well. If you're going to blouse your trousers in your boots the length of the inseam won't be as big of a deal.
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By Buckfutter
Los Angels County Sheriff's Department has a bunch.
By kingpixels
Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a Tru-Spec flight suit and I'm hoping you could help me with sizing.

I'm about 5'7", I weigh about 50kgs (110 pounds) and I'm a skinny build. If anyone could give me a hand I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks :)
By kingpixels
What is your chest measurement when you are holding in as much air as you can?

EDIT: To clarify, that's 32" the whole way around. And I understand that I'm probably not going to be able to get one that isn't a bit baggy, but I thought it was worth a shot.
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By PssdffJay



The first chart is if you're looking for a nomex one. I just checked eBay for a 34R which would fit you nicely. You could look at 32R but I like a little more baggy. You're looking about $50 plus shipping.

The second chart is for a Tru-Spec. I would say small regular. Again, same approx chest size as the nomex. $45 plus shipping.

Gbfans is out of truspec. I like the nomex and you can get one for almost the same price. I have details about my uniform build in my signature. The only thing the nomex doesn't have is the side entry pockets.
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By PssdffJay
Let us know how it goes and check out some peoples build threads. You can see which type of suit you prefer. Don't be afraid to ask questions before you buy something. We may bark, but we don't bite.
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By monolith21
Anybody have suggestions for those of us that are short? I am only 5'6 and with all the jump suit inseams being the same length, I'm kind of dwarfed. I have a large flight suit that I purchased off gbfans. I don't know how hemming would work with the zippers on the bottom...
What's your chest size? I'm 5'6 and I usually wear a 46S. I went with a 48s Flight suit and it fits me perfect. I actually might try a 48 Regular just to see if it gives me a tad extra room. The short fits great but it is a pain to get on initially.
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Quick question - I've looked up the CWU 27/P suit and managed to find one in black (I'm planning on starting a GB2 uniform).

Thing is, I can't work out if it's better than the Tru-Spec one?


Would you guys say that's better, or would the Tru-Spec suit be more accurate?

Cheers :cool:
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By PssdffJay
If it's nomex you won't be able to dye it. It will stay black.

Find either a black tru spec or navy tru spec and there are threads on how to dye them. I just did a navy one myself but there are some who say the black is better to start with.
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By searingidolatry
Got my flight suit today and it fits pretty much perfectly! A little long in the arms and legs, but I'm truly amazed as I bought it on evilBay for next to nothing (£7.50, so about $12.50 US) as it had no measurement details, but I could see it was the right style.

Got to decolour then recolour the belt, I have a pair of volleyball kneepads to recolour. Patches to be ordered, hoses to be sourced, belt fobs to be made, got a Kenner pack to be modded. And so it begins...
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By robpenfold
Sorry to be another one of those folks asking for sizing advice on flightsuits. I have a Rothco XL and the arms and legs are ok. There is not NEARLY enough torso length. I have to damn near be a contortionist to get my arms and shoulders in and once on the flightsuit hugs the boys in a not so comfortable way.

I'd like to get a TRU-SPEC from the GBfans store. I'm not sure if the XL Long of XXL would be the best fit. I'm about 5'9" and fat (240lbs) but my gut is screen accurate. I have about 40" waist.

Will the XL Long give me more torso length? I'm concerned the XXL is going to be too baggy all over.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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By pyhasanon
I love watching the fun build in someone when they get started....

Little do you know the heroin-like addiction thats coming lol ;)
Dude, they have no idea... I started in February and already spent a good amount of my tax return on GB stuff, and now I keep looking at my car wondering what it would look like with lights and a logo... Aaarrgghh!!!
By goodale.jason
Hey Guys
I dunno how active this thread is as I didnt make it all the way to end. I have been able to read enough to get a solid understandung of what suits are better than others. Now Im a big guy and wanna ensure I purchase a suit that will fit accordingly.
Height 6'3"
Weigt 275lbs
Normally a 2x
Now Ive got broad shoulders too
What suit is best and where would that best be available?
Thanx guys

I have only purchased from Galls both both times I got the suit in like 3 days. From what I can see, Army S : :sigh: :sigh: sigh: urplus For Less has the lowest price and Kevin(Spooky) recommends them for Tru-Spec.

Your question about size in kind of confusing. if you cant measure yourself properly with a tape then answer me these questions:

shirt size
pant size
are you skinny, average or overweight?

from this i can usually tell what kind of suit you need.
By goodale.jason
Deluxe Air Force Style Flight Suit By TRU-SPEC®
Was gonna go 3x now is this the best suit for someone of my size?

Army Surplus for Less was where I was going to order, othwise a company in Canada has a rothco 3x
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By robpenfold
Hey Jason,

I see you're in Hamilton. I'm just up the road in Guelph. Small world.

If it helps you at all I just bought a TruSpec 2XL. Now I am 5'10" and 250lbs. There is plenty of room in the upper body area for me with a bit of room to spare. The legs are a bit baggy and too long. But all things considered I can live with it. I would echo what many have said in this thread, stay away from Rothco suits. They are vastly inferior in quality and the fit is terrible. The torso are especially short.

GIven your size and build you might get away with a TruSpec 2XL Long. Or you might need a 3XL Long. Given your height, definately go with the long option which gives you a 34' leg (I think).

I would recommend buy it here at the GBFans store. Use the sizing chart and measure yourself. Its pretty accurate.

Hope that helps.
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By methos2523
quick question here...

I'm doing an RGB Egon build, and was just curious... are the suits sold in the store here, the tan ones, suitable to be dyed down to the dark teal Egon wears in the cartoon?

thanks for any help
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By pyhasanon
As long as they're not Nomex, they can be dyed...

Edit: Just looked, they're not Nomex... I removed the color of a black colored flightsuit of the same brand, so you should be good...
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