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By methos2523
wooho, i wasn't sure as i've never attempted to dye anything before... so this will be a grand experiment for me...

still think i got the better deal though, i deal with uniforms and packs, and the missus makes Egon's wig for me... i almost pity her there lol
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By pyhasanon
Let me know how it turns out... might be a future project for me after I finish my hero pack...
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By methos2523
will do, once i get the pack shell and suit, i'll start a full build thread for everyone to laugh at my humble attempts lol
By Viggo_the_Carpathian

I’m thinking of buying the flight-suit, myself. But how do the Nomex, RothCo, and Tru-Spec flight-suits compare to the one sold in GB Fans’ store (in terms of sizing, price, and closeness to the ones “the boys in grey” used)?
By Vititop
Hi guys. I want to buy a Tru-Spec flight suit. I´m 5"11 tall and weight 170 pound. Should I buy it medium long or large regular? Thanxs in advance!

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By halliwax
my pack isnt going to be done for the re release of the ghostbusters movie in theaters, so now my next goal is getting the suit done for the release (aug 29th) so my first step is ordering a suit

i already Pm'ed AJ because the XL Longs are out of stock and was curious how long before they become aviable again

my new question is what is the difference between the Nomex, and the truspec?

when u guys measure ur chest are you going from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, or lifting your arms above your head and measuring from under arm pit to under arm pit?
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By PssdffJay
Nomex is just the material but we have kind of adopted it as a type. They are usually old stock flight suits cwu 27/p. IF you can find one on the evil bay for a decent price, I would recommend getting one. The boys here in Calgary all got their suits for for less then a truspec suit. The nomex suits have the leg pockets but no side entry pockets. If you look at Phil's uniform build vs mine, he went with a truspec and I went with a nomex suit.

Phil's ... =4&t=36423

Mine ... =4&t=34828

To measure your chest, wrap a tape measure around your chest and breath in and hold as much air as you can in your lungs. Based on that measurement you can check the cwu 27/p sizing. I wear 48L so I searched for a cwu 27/p 48L.

Google cwu 27/p size guid and I think it's the first link that comes up. You can also measure your inseam and see if you want a large or regular. ... -Guide.pdf

Sorry for the lack of links, I'm using my phone.

EDIT: Added the links :)
By Human_3D
Hey guys seeing that you guys talk overalls here. Is the GB 2 overall grey or rather black ? I found one with fitting attachments at a show recently and it is dark black , could that qualify as GB 2 style ?

Thanks for the help in advance. :cool:
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By pyhasanon
Actually, we started with black, bleached them, and then dyed them (detailed here ... 65#p446665)... The original was more like a dark gray, with a hint of blue... depending on how you look at it... LOL! Try asking abaka, he's done some pretty extensive research recently on GB2 uniform accuracy...
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By dKiD Clue
Just got a nomex acouple weeks ago. Love it way more then my tru spec. Got it for 60 on ebay brand new
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By PssdffJay
I just cut mine of with a sharp pair of scissors. Then I very carefully removed the stitching around the Velcro. The pen divider stitching should stay, so I trimmed enough if the Velcro away that I was able to make little cuts along the sides of the Velcro to free it from those stitches.

On my second suit, the divider stitching broke, so i pulled it out. Can't tell anyway.
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By Barking Dragon
Hi guys,

I'm wanting to buy a Nomex suit and have spent the day looking over this thead trying to work out what size to go with.

- I'm 6 foot tall
- My Chest is 44 Inches fully inhailed
- hips are 33 Inches
- Inner Sleeve is 22 1/2 Inches
- Inseam on the leg is 31 Inches to my ankle


I am thinking of going with either 44R or 44L, can anyone please confirm if I have chosen this correctly?

Any help would be great so I can pull the trigger to buy my suit.

Regards dan
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By Barking Dragon
Hi Jay,

Thanks for the speedy reply mate. When I measured my chest I gave it full flex to be generous, fully inhaled it is 42 1/2 inches and then just shy of 44 inches with full lateral muscle flex to get my largest measurement.

Do you still think 46R, obviously I won't be walking around with a flexed chest ;) I don't mind if there is a little play up top, but just worried if the hip area is going to be to baggy since I have a slim waist.

Regards dan
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By PssdffJay
There are the velcro straps for the waist.

When I got my first suit that I had to return, I got a 46 and then found out I had to inhale before measuring. The second suit was a 48 and that was with a 47" chest measurement. If you're at 42 1/2 a 44 would probably be good. Its a tricky one though. Depends on how baggy you want it. Are you in a location with an army surplus store that you could try some on, even if the colour isn't right? Just to try the fit?

Worse case, you buy the 44 and have to return it, or sell it yourself, and get a 46.

Probably not the answer you're looking for, but I think you'll be ok with 44.
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By Barking Dragon
Hey Jay,

Yeah I was looking at your thread the other day trying to find some pointers on the flight suit and made note of having to buy a size up and the post here about breathing all the way in when taking measurements...hence my flexing the chest to allow some tolerance.

I'm going to try a 44R going by your advice as well as RuBain's size chart and the one you posted on page 11. I'll be tucking the legs into the boot so It's more for the sleeve length but a 44R gives you 23 1/4 so that should be fine if I'm 22 1/2. We have a couple of camping/disposal stores here but their stock if VERY limited, only a few jackets, webbing ect.. no flight suits.

I've started looking on evilbay for 44R to see what's out there, a few are available but shipping ranges from $35 up to $55 so I'm waiting to hear back from a couple of sellers to see if they have cheaper shipping options.

Like you said, worst case, I have to buy a larger size they're no good...but if I get stuck $70 out of pocket, it's still a hell of a lot cheaper than some of my other prop failures.

Oh and your answer was just what I was looking for ;) It helped just to have someone else that has dealt with this give a second opinion which I greatly appreciate Jay.

Regards dan
By Slimee
Maybe someone can give me a hand here as I'm a bit of a unique build, and am having trouble figuring out if I should be getting a 36R or 36L. I measured my chest today with a shirt on, fully inhaled and got 34-35. So I was thinking a 36 would be the right chest size. I am 6'0 even, will be tucking the pants into the boots. I'm also unhealthily skinny, I come in at 130-135lbs at 6'0. I usually wear 32/34 jeans, although some jeans are different then others and I do have a few 32/32s. I am looking at getting a Nomex CWU27P suit.
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By Ecto_1X
I'm about to pull the trigger on a Nomex 42R, just a few questions.

My Height is around 5'9, Chest 40'-41' , normal pants size 33'-34'. I was wondering if I do buy this, will I actually have room to wear my clothes inside the jumpsuit? Or would I be better off with a 44R? Also, if anyone knows, would I have some wiggle room if I bought the 42R? I just don't want it to be too baggy.
By Gryffin
Hey folks! I just got a 42S nomex suit in the mail and it's too tight around the crotch (I can't sit down!). Now that I've wiggled out of it, I'm going to return it, but before I do, I need some advice on whether I should get the 42R or 42L instead. Or even 44-something.

Here's my sizing:
41" chest
45" hips
20" sleeve inseam
28" leg inseam

Thanks in advance!
By rbsmith7
So I purchased a Tru-Spec on Amazon last week and was just now was contacted that the suit won't be sent before Halloween. Does anyone know of a place to get a khaki Tru-Spec in Medium that will actually arrive before the 27th? Tried the store here and the ETA on shipping is the 23rd -- I don't think that's enough time to get to Alabama.

Any help, guys?

Edit - for anyone in a similar predicament, it looks like Sportsman's Guide has a few in stock for about $35 shipped.
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By pyhasanon
Have you checked a local Military surplus store? You might be able to find a Nomex flightsuit for cheap, which in my opinion is better than a Tru Spec...
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By starburst
Just been measuring up for a suit as my old one (not sure which brand it was) was a little snug last time I wore it so I am considering getting a Nomex suit this time.

Just measured myself up against the chart and I am just shy of a 43 inch chest fully breathed in and the last time I was measured at the doctors I was just under 5'10.

From all of the advice I have read in this thread I could fit a 44R but it sounds like a 46R would just add that little bit of comfort room and most seem to wear them a little baggy as they did in the movie.

Any advice before I hit the usual online places (more limited in the UK) and get one?


By epicjuicebox
I just received my first flight suit in the mail. It's a TruSpec suit, which I bought here in the GB Fans shop. I followed everyone's advice and ordered a size bigger than the sizing chart said I could pull off, and I'm loving the fit! If anything, the arms are a bit baggy at the wrists, and with the Velcro adjustor set to where it feels right the sleeves are a bit 'bunchy'. But it's easily concealed with some clever fabric manipulation. Below are my measurements, in case it helps anyone.

Height: 6'
Chest: 42"

I'll share pics on my page once I get everything put together. Still need to sew the patches on, attach the leg hose thingy, etc. But I gotta say, I'm super impressed! It may not be Nomex, but it sure is nice!

By back_off_man
Hi guys , I've just bought an XXXL tru spec but it's still too short but body fit is comfortably loose .
My problem is I'm big AND tall , any advice on fit and sources would be really appreciated .
6ft 7
52-54 chest
42-44 waist
36 inside leg
LONG arms !
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By PssdffJay
I have both a nomex suit and a truspec suit, and both were the "Long" styles. I'm 5'11" and the nome isn't too bad in the crotchal area, but even at my height, the truspec does split me right in half. I'd say that you might want to look into a custom G and B suit if you're that tall.
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By robpenfold
So its time to upgrade from my Truspec to a Nomex suit. I have an XXL Truspec and its baggy all over but the torso length is right. I picked up a 46R Nomex suit made by Carter Industries on the evilbay for cheap. Based on Carter's measurements it should have fit. It did NOT! Gave the boys one hell of a weggie and too tight in my abundant abdominal area.

I'm 5'9" and a very attractive 240lbs. I'm not sure if I need to go with a 50 or 52. The long sizes are a little roomier in the torso length but are waaay too long in the leg. My inseam is 30".

Any thoughts from other Nomex wearers out there? 50 or 52? R or L?
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