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By SonofSamhain
Brought to you by Zim Animation. The full intro is a work in progress. Like it or leave it alone?

If it will be anything similar to this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one...I'm in! :cool:

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By Razorgeist
I like it too.
I wish we could get a new CG Ghostbusters series like we did with TMNT.
I hear that!! It'd be cool if it was in continuity with RGB too. Or perhaps do what the comic series did and mix continuities slightly.

This looks great cant wait to see it finished.
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By zimanimation
Hey Guys,

I decided to create a gb fans account to interact with all the gb fans here. I will be posting updates on my google+ and my facebook page as work progresses.

I can also try to answer questions and take any feedback you might have about the project.

Here is the last update to ecto.
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By Kingpin
I see you're going for a largely movie inspired Ecto-1, rather than the more streamlined design they opted to use in the cartoon.

If I may make three main suggestions:

1) Perhaps lowering the height of the bodywork beneath the window line to make the model of the car look less bottom heavy.
2) Reducing the side of the spotlight on the driver-side wing, and moving it further back towards the windshield (in the movie the spotlight was attached to the driver-side mirror), and in the cartoon it was close to the windscreen on the wing.
3) The rear bumper is more triangular in shape, with the apex point sticking out in the middle.

I would recommend referring to the Kenner toy of the car, as it's a pretty faithful recreation... but that might not be appropriate in this case given the influence from the movie you're using.

I've been eagerly anticipating this project since the teaser was poster, so it's great to see the behind-the-scenes process. :)
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By zimanimation
Thanks kingpin - Im trying to keep to close to the cartoon plus borrowing some details from the film.

Same goes for the characters. I want to keep their suits, heads, hair like the cartoon - but try to add a twist of cg realism?

Slimer + Ghosts same deal - keep them close to cartoon style and add some effects. The movie slimer looks too glowy and blury.

If you guys know anyone who can help with the song/sound fx department I would really appreciate that. Looking for someone who can re-create a nice cover? but that will be a whole ordeal on its own.
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By Kingpin
One appears to be a danger sticker:


Another appears to be some sort of technical specification label:


As an additional note, the long tank on the passenger side is more of a pea soup green rather than yellow like the two tanks on the driver side.
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By Kingpin
Something that might be of use for lighting the lightbars:

When Mainframe Entertainment rendered the cutscenes for Ghostbusters: The Video Game, it looks like they used an animated texture of a real lightbar for the shots of Ecto-1B (visible from 16:56 in the video below):

As I thought the effect worked pretty well in the game, I'd mention it as a possible option if you hadn't already considered it.

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