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By grantofkings
Yea, I've already told you I'm definite for three. I'm sure there's people in my chapter that haven't been following, and that could easily make an order of 10 (so they all ship together to one address).

Not that I'm trying to horde them, just saying there's probably a heavy demand that isn't captured by people in this thread or on Facebook.
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By pseadynamo
I am amazed by this. Not the new sound chip so much but the fact that you were able to get the sounds to modify in pitch with the wing positions... must be a change in resistance across a potentiometer that moves with the wings?? now I wanna open mine and really take a good look inside. Well done!! oh and put me down for 2 kits... : )
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By jros3484
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By david_germany
for information only:
i will start the last stress test in the next weeks. if anything works fine without bugs and problems, i will order a big run of circuits (maybe 100-150 kits)...
than i´ll crimbing all the cables (these xh connectors are so f***g tiny), cast more circuitholder, prepare and screw more contactbridges, ... and waiting for more soundchips (shipping from china takes a long time :-((

i hope i can offer the kits in 3-4 weeks. maybe a few weeks later... i´ll try my best, guys !!!!!!!!
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By nstevic01
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This is very exciting. Im down for at least 3 kits.
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