Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
By Bangoose
Anyone else think a GB/ Filmation GB crossover comic would be a good idea? Just a little nod to that series since it pretty much died out after our GBs came into existence. I could see some funny encounters between Henry the Ape and Slimer.

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By gboy6
I would love to see a crossover with them. I would love also to see a crossover with any and all ghostbusting type teams, Danny Phantom, the ones from the Citroën commercial, Ghost Negotiator Tenma (if that isn't happening already), etc.
Oh and the gorilla is named Tracy not Henry the Ape.
By philmorgan81
I think that would be an amazing team up. I had been wondering about that since IDW's Infestation event. I would definately love to see the guys from IDW team put something like that together. I just have a lot of faith in that team. :) They have already acknowledged that the FIlmation's World exists. They showed it in a portal that Cerburus was sniffing around in the Ghostbuters Get Real event. Anything is possible. :) :) :) Not to mention the Ghostbusters have crossed over rather well with The Lone Gunmen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even The Real Ghostbusters. I also love gboy6's idea of having a big Ghost Hunting team free for all. :) :) :)
By Egon's Pompadour
Either in an animated feature or a comic book, it would be cool to see the Real Ghostbusters and Filmation's Ghostbusters encounter each other as competing companies in the paranormal industry. They have a spat over marketing/trademark issues regarding the name "Ghostbusters," but a common threat causes them to work together and resolve their differences. By the end of the story, both teams agree to use the name independently without any legal repercussions from the other party.
By Egon's Pompadour
I'd prefer not to see our Ghostbusters cross paths with Filmation's offering.
Well, they already did a crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To me, it would make more sense to have a Filmation's/Real Ghostbusters crossover, as sort of an inside joke or nod to us who grew up with both cartoons.

Tracy the Gorilla talks, amiright? It's been a long time since I've watched the cartoon. I could see this being explained as a spiritually possessed animal, much the way Slimer is a pet ghost. Even in the Bible, there were animals possessed by spirits - a donkey talked and a flock of pigs ran off a cliff.
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By Kingpin
I enjoyed the crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as that was fun, and the Turtles' personalities were not much different from the last couple of cartoon series, and the first two 1980s movies.

Filmation's Ghost Busters cartoon has always seemed... well, kinda lame. :whatever: It's always struck me as an inferior product made to try grab a little reflected glory from something that'd made a much bigger and notable success out of the ghostbusting concept, even though the original black & white Ghost Busters film was what came first.

The Turtles have the fact they're mutated to suspend disbelief enough when it comes to them talking, Tracey the Gorilla has no such caveat.

I fully acknowledge I'm completely biased against Filmation's cartoon, and while I'm happy with the one-shot reference in Get Real, I'd be glad to not see anything more significant occur between the two franchises.
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By gboy6
We can't even be sure how legally feasible it is--according to Wikipedia, DreamWorks Animation currently owns all the Filmation stuff. No telling if they'd even want to be involved with something like this.
Now, I'm curious, how the cameos happened in "Get Real" happened?
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By Fritz
Parody perhaps?

A one-off cameo is easier to get by with than multiple appearances in a single issue.
Yeah, that's what I assumed.

And note that it was one of the two panels changed for the Trade Paperback:
Yes in the scene where Proteus's dog is sniffing out dimensions, instead of seeing the Hulk Hogan Rockin Wrestler universe we see a universe of Robo Busters. Instead of seeing the Filmation Ghostbusters universe we see the 2 rookies from the Stylized Version of the Ghostbusters Video Game.

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