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By KCGhostbuster
The family and I have been watching How to Train Your Dragon -Race to the Edge on Netflix.

Rough Nut has a killer helmet that looked perfect for a quick build (maybe a Cosplay outfit will show up later....)

The entire build took a Saturday (with starts and stops). Painting and weathering took an hour on Sunday.


Created a template of my head and used it to cut the EVA to size.

Used craft foam for the top band

Cut the bottom accent from EVA

The horns are three layers, an inner structure made from insulation sheet and two outer layers from EVA. I used a belt sander to get the final shape.

Used a dremel to further shape the horns and add "bone" texture

Wrapped the horns in craft foam that I detailed with a ruler and pencil and attached to the helmet

Cut "bolts" from EVA, sanded to shape and attached

Shaped the two smaller side horns out of EVA on the belt sander (and sanded my finger nail down to a sliver (ouch))

Created the 5 smaller horns for the top of the helmet the same way, created insertions spots in the top band, and glued in place

Added "bands" around the base of the horns to cover the gaps and took the helmet for a test drive

Masked and laid in the gloss black undercoat for the metallic paint

Final paint -no weathering

...and weathered

The obligatory viking face shot

I've only tried a couple of other foam builds and this was definitely the most complex to-date. Definitely a learning experience but happy with how it came out.

Thanks for looking!
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