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By Lowberg
Without rambling about being butthurt over the initial prototype pack pics, the changes in delivery date, lack of detailed definite part list information....yada yada..here are my thoughts

For $600 this looks like it will be a good enough kit for someone who wants a basic proton pack, and a lot of it's potential will lie in the builders hands. I could see people building this to look even better than these new photoswith some minor part upgrades.

As far as the booster tube goes, it honestly just looks like the booster tube plug fell out or something (in the WonderCon videos it's pretty prominent). I'm assuming the plug might come separate so the buyer could put it at any height they wanted.

Eager to see when they will actually ship, official part list, and to see the kits in unfinished form.
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By Chris Brewin
I'm happy to see the updated pics. It doesn't look half-bad :) I was a bit leery with the earlier prototype pics; I was concerned they could be pics of some other pack that they photoshopped "prototype pictured" onto. It looks like a pretty decent replica, too. I'd be a bit concerned about the thickness of the shell mold and the detail on it. Until I see some customer-built examples I'd still go with a BenofKent kit, seeing as they're about the same price, taking conversion into account.
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By Kingpin
If the thickness provides extra strength (and that may well have been a conscious concession made knowing people will want to wear these out and about), then that feels a reasonable trade for lesser accuracy.
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By ccv66
The mother board is looking a little thick, not sure how much it bothers me or does it $50 dollars bother me. I already have a gbfans mother board, atleast I'll know if the shell will fit before I order a second one. Maybe I'll just be a cheap ass and have one mother board and two shells
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By ccv66
I'm pretty sure there was a Q & A saying they were going to have an extending barrel. Maybe they were figuring it was going to be apart of the electronics package. Looked again and the wondercon pack didn't have a lever. They could always have a barrel extension with twisting the barrel, but I'm assuming that its something they just dropped. A little disappointing either way. Any experts know how many of the movie packs didn't come with green levers?
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By ccv66
I didn't think the Sony studios pack and a few others had green levers, but I wasn't positive. I also didn't know if they broke off over time or if only hero packs or all semi had them. Definitely something I'd add to the anovos pack

Edit: Thanks Demon Vice Commander, I thought I seen them with out, didn't know if it was just on the heros
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By ccv66
It didn't seem like that they had a flight suit or pack on display at comic con. Can anyone confirm this? If so, it can't be good news. Probably kiss getting a pack in the summer quarter good bye
By jettajeffro
Nope, only GB item at SDCC was the name tags, arm patch, and Zener Card set. I was excited about the cards till I saw the size. Their booth was about a quarter of the size it usually is and at the very back row of the exhibitor hall.
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By ccv66
Thanks... I know Star wars is there money maker and space was probably limited, but that cant be good.. I'm doubting if we can even get a pack by Halloween
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