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By Wade Haddock
The other day Alex and I were talking about custom ideas for the Diamond Select line and one was a Walter Peck with Marshmallow Mess to go with the Marshmallow Busters. So after brainstorming what to use I came up with white silicone.Image
Here's what I came up with.Image
And a comparison shot next to Marshmallow Ray.Image
What do you think?
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By navalhyperspace
That's awesome! On an unrelated note, what figure stands do you use? I've had trouble finding proper ones for 7"-scale figures and the Ghostbusters' upturned boots make them notoriously unstable.
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By Alex Newborn
Looks like the oval stands that DST makes. They're available in clear or black on their website. I know Marshmallow Ray and Marshmallow Peter each included one. So did some of the DST Muppet figures, which was weird because as far as I can recall, none of them had holes in their feet.

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By toby88
How did you get the thrower to stay on the belt? I just let the pack loom hang on the walkie talkie. In a side note, poster sticky tack works great with attaching the thrower to the pack. I noticed with Series 1 and 2 the v hook does nothing . That tacky stuff works great. Anyone have luck taking the packs off without breaking the straps?

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