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By Nigelstanz
Hi guys. I've tried to post pics of my proton pack but when I click the image button it just copies this .. into this box.
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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By Kingpin
Here's a quick guide to posting images here at GBFans:

1) Select your image hosting site
(If you've already got an online hosting site picked, you don't need to go over this step)

When posting images to the forum, you have to have uploaded the photos you plan to post to an online hosting site of some sorts, unfortunately images can't be directly linked to those in a folder on your computer.

Imjur is a popular hosting website, and in some circumstances Facebook can also be used.

2) Posting your images
Once hosted, you will be presented with a number of code options for posting them (some for blogs, some for websites, some so they link to larger versions of the photo file) - in this case you'll either want coding that's written for forum posts, or a "direct link".

Once you've got your link, you'll need to put in the image tags into your post, they look like this:
Code: Select all[img][/img]
You will need to paste your image code between the innermost set of rectangular brackets, like this:
Code: Select all[img][/img]
Once you've hit enter, it should display the image you wish to post like this:


- hope that helps. :)
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