By 1chapelcredit
I have a short name; 4 letters, Webb. This is normally great; I could spell it before I could walk. But it's a problem for my GB uniform. It's shorter than all the Ghostbusters' names; Stantz, Venkman, Zeddemore, Spengler. I didn't realize what an issue this was going to be until I ordered a custom patch off of Etsy (up till now I've always sported the VENKMAN patch, because Bill Murray). The WEBB patch was just too short and didn't look right on the uniform; the shape was wrong, it was distracting. To make matters worse, the font they chose has a super skinny W, compared to a wider E and B's, adding to the weirdness.

So, I've got a few options. The way I see it, I could:

1. Add my initials and a space, making the patch longer. The problem is, nobody else does this.
2. Order a new patch with specific dimensions, with WEBB in the middle and blank space on the sides.
3. Continue sporting "VENKMAN", or "ROOKIE".
4. Add "DR." to the front of the patch, which nobody does but at least would be thematic, since 3/4 (or is it 1/2?) of the original GB's were PhD's.
5. Come up with a fictitious name or nickname that is the correct length.

Has anyone else out their afflicted with a short name found a good solution? What do you guys recommend?
By 1chapelcredit
CaptainBaltimore wrote:"BECK" here, and never had an issue. I didn't order off of Etsy, used an eBay seller (And now order directly from her). I think the spacing and size is great!

Thanks Beck! Your patch looks a lot better; that's exactly what I was thinking with option #2. Would you mind sending me your Ebay sellers contact info?

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