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By Kingpin

Following the previous article which revealed Playmobil's plan to release sets based on Ghostbusters II and The Real Ghostbusters, further details for the figures have been revealed:

•The Ghostbusters II sets will be released around the 26th of January.
•The Real Ghostbusters sets are expected to see release around mid-April

With the release of the box art (which can be viewed over at, it has also been revealed that the Ghostbusters II sets include smartphone feature, which would project a ghost within a transparent pyramid.
Very excited for these new releases, the smart phone feature sounds like fun idea too. I wish that I did not have to wait for The Real Ghostbuster sets but I am sure that it will be worth it. Between the GB 2 sets, the new comic book story and the new DST action figures coming later this month it is an exciting time to be a Ghosthead.

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