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By Kingpin
Unfortunately I suspect they assumed the setup with the GB1 sign was identical to the GB2 sign, which was mirrored on one side.

Alternately, it might've been cheaper to produce it this way.
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By elsoldao7
PeteVenkman_Jedi wrote:I know it's a little late for the season, now that the holidays are over, but here's a little Christmas love for DST. I decided to trick out my Gozer Temple to be more festive.

That's awesome!
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By ccv66
If I remember right, 15 figures. All 4 gray ghostbusters, Slimeblower ray and Winston. Vigo, yanis and Tully and 6 real ghostbusters. Diamond select did say they were planning to do marshmallow Egon, they have the other three
By Wiggyof9
I assume the 6 RGB figures will be Slimer, the 4 GBs, and either Janine or Samhain. Can't imagine any other ones. I'm also assuming that at some point there will be GB II figures in tan flight suits as variants with the new heads, much like the Marshmallow mess figures.

Speaking of which, anyone hear plans for the Marshmallow Egon? I've been waiting for his release to set up a display with Stay Puft.
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By ccv66
I believe they said they would not have Janine RGB, which I would be ok with if they did. Sounds like we are getting two ghosts, not slimer.. I'd bet samhein and boogyman
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