By cpipeher
Hey guys shoot my first short film please check out and let me know what you think like and sub i will be doing more of these

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By GB Wolf
Not bad. I actually like the first person idea. Only thing I would suggest is if you are going to do more, maybe making them a little longer so you can tell more of a story. Otherwise good job!
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By timeware
Few things.

Tone down the language in the next video. (i'm no saint in this department believe me. I think it would get you more viewers.)

Do you have access to a proton pack? A first person view of the equipment in the back seat of your vehicle would have been good.

A sticker of the No Ghost logo on your vehicle door would be a good addition. You could also use your states franchise logo if you have one. That would have been a nice close up shot.

After the clients pleasant personality I was wanting to see some scorched walls from the proton beams.

Over all if this was your first video it had decent special effects. Some things to consider in your next video. Nice job.
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