Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
Kingpin wrote:You'll need to forgive me, I'm not seeing the "ATC reactions", all I am seeing is some reactions that don't have anything to do with Ghostbusters or the 2016 movie.

You are forgiven, reactions are because a beloved film is being remade after year of wanting a sequel.
Remakes/reboots just don't bother me anymore, best case scenario I get a different version of a favourite film to enjoy, worst case it's god awful but I still have the original. Not sure why it would warrant any other response than this.

I mean do I understand why this is getting a remake, not really, especially as all involved in the original would like a sequel (which just wasn't the case with Ghostbusters for 20+ years so a reboot for better or worse was technically justified if the franchise was to continue) but I just can't muster any kind of annoyance at this news. Indifferent at best.
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Yeah remakes with a few surprises for me like Robocop...are never done well or any better. I haven't seen the GB reboot and I won't. The Trek reboots series at least has new timelines which was already a cannon thing if you watch other series from the 'prime' timeline.

I just shake my head...I don't watch them and if you don't watch it they won't try to remake it again...this isn't like Spider-Man or Superman where they have to re boot them every few years but at least theres a longer goal there of a series of films...but if you don't go pay to see remakes they generally stop making new versions of things. They could tell me they're remaking the Last Starfighter or The Goones and I would be ticked...but I'd never go see it so I loose nothing.
The last starfighter is one of those films that actually needs a continuation, not really a reboot. As for Hocus Pocus I don't take issue with it unless they change the witches to warlocks.

Goonies should be left alone, and I think Marvel is rather idiotic by not trying to re introduce The Meteor Man along side Black Panther. Not in the same movie, but maybe through shield or the next netflix series. Personally I would rather see continuations then reboots but everyone has their preference.
timeware wrote:and I think Marvel is rather idiotic by not trying to re introduce The Meteor Man along side Black Panther.

The one with the cowardly school teacher getting powers after he's hit by a meteor? I fail to see the point in bringing that into the Marvel cinematic universe.
timeware wrote:It is a Marvel property.

Eh, not exactly. Marvel published a comic based on the film, but it's not really a Marvel property. There was never an actual comic before that, the idea came from the film. Kind of like DC publishing a Demolition Man comic, it doesn't mean DC owns the property. MGM would more than likely own it. Even if they didn't, there's little to no reason to put such an obscure character into that universe.

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