By Sailerm
Dummy mock up of the Lights. First off the power meter lights are bigger than the window for them but it's ok. The only real draw back is the power leads for the system comes off the top so I'll have to solder leads to put them where I want
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By livewire008
Very nice work, man.

Still holding my breath for my kit... ordered October 2016, so hopefully I'll get an email any day now. In the meantime, I'm planning where I want things to go. Just got an Alice frame (not the Anovos one; got tired of waiting for them and ordered from the shop here) getting a real feel for the frame dimensions will inform where I decide to put my motherboard holes for the electronics.
By Marcus B
Has anyone seen the alice frame? Might be worth just grabbing one from a surplus store and not waiting. Anovos should be able to churn those out quickly I'd think seeing as companies still make them..
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