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By jason407
I know I have been away from the forums for a while...but I promise it has been for good reasons!
As some of you know, when I am not running around in GB gear...I am a filmmaker. I have been working on a few features over the last couple of of which is my somewhat Ghostbusters inspired kids flick entitled "Monsters at Large".
It's super low-budget, and made for kids...but I hope that some of you guys may enjoy it and notice a few Ghostbuster references throughout. ;)
Look for it on DVD and Digital on March 13, 2018
Check out the trailer here:

For more info, see my page here: ... oming-soon

FYI, all the skills I picked up making my GB gear came in handy when I had to make all these props and costumes! ;)
By Seth Rex
You're the one that made this?? I am planning on buying this at some point. So you're a film maker? I'm a script writer, and hopefully some day a film maker too.

Edit: So you're in Florida!? I'm in Florida too! Where at?

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