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By KJghost
WereTerror Dog (Ghostbusters Fanart)
This came to me while reading Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria. The moment where Louis and Dana got possessed again a turned into terror birds.

And that got me thinking about one of them not possessed by a ghost but still able to transform. and then my memory came back to Lycanthopey. Of course I just had to use Louis for this because he perfect for it.

So I went to work doodling poses title I came to one pose of him already in Terror Dog form but still had parts of his human form renaming (hair, glasses and personality). He’s still himself but now he some how turned into a Terror dog.

This was one of the old dreams I had so how this happen is a bit foggy, but I figured it could be these;

    Could be due to his exposer to the supernatural that something could trigger this.
      He got bit by something.
        A new kind of slime.
          Or cured by a high class level ghost or another inter-dimensional god like Gozer.

          We have were-creatures of many types so why not a Terror Dog, maybe I can use this for another Real Ghosbusters episode idea.

          Watch Speed paint here:

          Art & Idea © Kim C. Jones
          Ghostbusters and Images © Sony & IDW Publishing.
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          By KJghost
          BoyceDer wrote:That's pretty awesome, KJ! I love that Terror Dog. How long does it take to draw something like that typically?

          The drawing took two day due to me working on it in parts while I was at work. The digital part I think was two hours.

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