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By TerrorDoggo
Hi fellow Ghostheads,

i started a new project some days ago. I wanted to build a terror dog puppet and ended up doing it in 1:1 scale.
Here are some pics of the progress



Let me know what you think!
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By Kingpin
The pictures don't seem to work, so here's a link to IMGUR:
The images weren't showing up as the coding was linked to the pages they were hosted on, rather than the image files. Once uploaded, if you right click the image and select "properties", it should give you the image source, which should end in something like .jpg, .gif, .png etc. Paste that into the
Code: Select all[img][/img]
tags, and that should display the photos. :)
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By slicerd1
But... how ... where do even keep it... so many questions.

Realy super impressive. I would love a 1:1 bust the whole think would be cool but I cant even think where to keep it, 3rd car garage maybe?
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OMG MAN this is Hollywood quality! I wanted to do something similar but with a ghost like the Scoleri brothers.... Hope you make a tutorial one day! Thank you !
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This looks great!
CAN you show us a video of it moving? If its a puppet I assume it moves?

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