Hey guys. I ended up with a Clippard R-701 valve that goes on the Proton Wand. I have been doing A LOT of resin casting lately, mostly of knobs that are for the Ghost Trap, as I am trying to setup a little Etsy shop to offer those things. I also plan on getting a vinyl printer and a machine that is capable of making sticker sheets that are pre-cut so the buyer doesn't have to spend hours sitting there cutting out stickers for a pack or trap.

Anyways, I noticed on the bottom of the Clippard valve there is a post in the center. That post makes it to where the bottom isn't going to lay flat. I know a way I can cast copies of the valve and make them flat on the bottom but I'm kinda thinking to cast it as is and here is why:

- I feel like drilling a hole for the center post can help provide extra stability when it is installed on the proton gun. Of course you dont want the hole to be too big or else it defeats the purpose but if it was barely snugged in there along with having the two screws that hold it in place, I think it can be golden! I learned from making my first wand that not EVERYTHING needs epoxy, lol. I wish I didn't epoxy AND screw down my 3D printed one on the wand because now that I have a REAL valve I can see not everything should be 3D printed either :(

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this idea? Flat or cast it as is?
There will be some more Smooth-On Mold Star silicone arriving at my doorstep today so I wanted a good opinion from the community before I get going.
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By Bart Salmons Ecto46
KISS= Keep it Simple Silly Means don;t make it harder than it needs to be. a single part mold is a lot easier to fill and debubble thean a two part mold. especiallyone like thais that would need air and injection channels or squash casting.

If the two screws don;t hold it in I key of resin prolly won;t make much of a difference......
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I believe every seller who has ever offered resin Clippard Valves has skipped casting the "post" on the base, it's just easier to have the flat surface.
Thanks Kingpin. I think the same thing. Also the idea of a one part mold sounds better, now that I think of it, lol.
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By CPU64
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You can still cast they post in a one piece mould if you want to.. just add a cap to the mold with a center hole. Pour through the hole.

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