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By timeware
What's the plural for Robocop fans? Splatter Punk's, Robo Head's? MGM is developing a new installment to the Robocop series and it does not follow the new (crappy) reboot. This film will be set after the first movie and ignores 2 and that awful 3rd film. ... 202424639/

There's quite a few robo fans on these forums.

What are your expectations?

Do you want to see the original sound track included?

Do you want to see a blend between the new and old armor for Robo, or a direct return to the orginal?
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By Kingpin
With Blonkamp in charge, I'm feeling optimistic. :) The last effort failed for pretty obvious reasons, and hopefully lessons have been learned.
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By timeware
I'm happy it's getting a chance. While I would love to see the original bulky armor come back I would also like to see Robo get some realistic upgrades as the film moves along. I kind of thought the jet pack in 3 was kind of pointless.

Seeing the original ED-209 in CGI would be freaking awesome. As an inside nod to the terminator cross overs it would be nice easter egg to see Skynet being developed by OCP.
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By timeware
I'm wondering if they are going to bring back Anne Lewis since this is a direct sequel? One my top ten thing's I want to see in the new film is the "I'll buy that for a dollar." Gag. It's one of my favorite Robo lines and I use it on a regular basis. They could even use the footage from the original film in some capacity.
By 80sguy
The biggest thing on my mind for this is who's playing RoboCop? I doubt Peter Weller will come back (he's said on numerous occasions he's done with RoboCop and he's at the point where's he sick of even talking about it.) Robert John Burke wasn't bad in the third. It's just that he was given a more child-friendly approach to the character, and it shows. Of all the third films problems, the actor playing RoboCop wasn't one of them.

The reboot however, Joel Kinnaman was definitely one of the problems. His Alex Murphy wasn't really likeable. I can say at the very least, the reboot tried to be different. It didn't feel like they watched the original film once and tried to write what they remember (Total Recall felt like that). The end result was just half basked ideas that never were explored.

I'm hoping they keep the original suit, (makes sense since it's a continuation). If they change it, it would half to be midway though or something to explain that it's old or damaged.
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By timeware
Agreed. If they change it through battle I would absolutely love to see Robo take on ED-209 In an ED-209 factory with new and old models of the security robot. (That would be a great excuse to show OCP building Skynet robots)

That would be an awesome way to explain the change in armor and need for upgrades as the film moves onward. Kurtward Smith could come back as a sort of anti- Robocop double or Kain like role. They could just pay him for likeness rights for the face behind the helmet if he isn't interested in reprising that role. With the de aging process getting better these days that's actually possible.

I just pray to all that's holy they don't choose Topher Grace for Robo. I think it's been a while since Brendon Fraiser's done anything.

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