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By Sallah
If you are interested in such things....


Get a better look at the unproduced Mattel Ghostbusters Eleanor Twitty Librarian Ghost figure (and various other Matty GB protos) right now over at my youtube channel-

By Wiggyof9
I had no idea they planned to make a "human" version of the library ghost. I always wanted one and was hoping Diamond Select would make one. I like the idea that it could have come with the Rookie. Seems like a good fit. To me, the human looking ghosts are creepier than the monstrous looking ones.
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By Peter Venkman Jr.
@Sallah A big thank you for sharing this. I know that defiantly would have bought this if Mattel had produced it. I also wish that Mattel had produced the alternate Vigo head as they had originally intended. As mentioned in the video, I could totally see the Librarian Ghost as an accessory with the Rookie Ghostbuster from the 2009 video game.
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By Wiggyof9
Hi great find and don't forget the Vigo head they made for Ray.... I wonder what else they created that was never released
There was an unproduced Vigo/Ray head? Why on earth did they not include it with Slime Blower Ray?

When I collected the Mattel line I was fairly happy with it because I thought we would never get anything else, but once I saw the Diamond figures I wished I had never collected the Mattel line. The only exception being a few of the pack in ghosts like the Theater and Subway ghosts, but that's only because we never got versions from Diamond.
By AlTheRelic
Yes they did make a Demon Head Vigo & I personally know the owner of that Demon Head Vigo. Totally random but he's a rather sexy fella'.
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