By BennyBassline
So after many years of wanting one it was now the right time having learnt the basics of 3d printing and completing other successful projects.

I downloaded some files and got to work just using bits off scrap rolls of filament I had laying about

I wasn't happy with the print quality on a few of the cyclotron bits so I have since reprinted them

This is just a lose mock up to make sure all fits nice even though I put the cyclotron bits in wrong place :/

I have ordered and received the pack light kit and sound board from gbfans and have the light and sound kit for the wand in the post.

I managed to find a lc2 frame cheap on eBay and that has now arrived

I bought some overalls I wasn't impressed with so found a cwu27p flight suit and that arrived this morning, a little tight but I'm on a mission to shed some weight and lost 14lbs already in 2 weeks :)

I have the elbow pads, belt and gloves also so I'm pretty much on my way in the build :)ImageImage
By scarbs
Look Great man. I too am starting a 3D kit. buddy of mine has some big printers so he ran me the Dancing Fool parts.
Question is there no mother board in your pic. I was thinking of getting an Aluminum one.
By +Halomobilo+
Looking good and looking forward to updates. I think that I am also doing the same pack as you from Thingivese (Miley O'riley?) and am having great fun printing and finishing mine although it is taking a bit longer than I planned, but never mind :) If you are doing the Miley O'riley pack, I remixed the top part of the Booster Tube to add a recess. I just eyeballed it really but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

I'll have to start a thread for my pack at some point as maybe that will gee me up a bit to get it done. Keep up the good work :)
By nastynoah
Looks great! I 3D printed a lot of the parts on my pack but just used PVC pipe for all the tube parts. Much faster and stronger.
By BennyBassline
sadly the build had to go on hold for nearly a year due to commitments and family but have started again although have a huge issue with the electronics which i dont see being resolved anytime soon :/
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