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By Kingpin
It's been just over eight years since a troupe of Ghostheads got the chance to tour Firestation 23, and the subsequent years from the station's centenary haven't been as kind to the Los Angeles Firehouse as they have to its New York cousin.

However, it appears old L.A. #23 is set to have it's time in the sun. Curbed reports that the long-delayed plan to convert the station into an arts centre may finally be gaining traction, with work anticipated to begin in February 2019.

Architecture firm Brooks+Scarpa is helming the redevelopment project, and has already released some visualisations of what the ground floor engine bay will look like following the restoration (view the topic to check these out).

We here at GBFans are excited at the prospect of a part of our culture receiving a much-needed rehabilitation. We hope to bring you more information as the project progresses.
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