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By chris8414
Does anyone know or have an Ghostbusters 2 Original Score Album by Randy Edelman? Did they even release an original score for the second movie? I can't seem to find one. I have the original score from the first film, but am looking for one from the second. Thanks for the help.
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By Kingpin
The copies that have circulated were rips from the DVD of the film, which is why you hear occasional sound effects during the music tracks. To-date, there's never been an official release of Randy Edelman's score, unlike Elmer Bernstein's.
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By NSGhostbusters
Sony and Columbia Pictures apparently lost the Master Tapes that contained Randy Edelman's GB II Score, which is why it still hasn't been officially released.
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By NSGhostbusters
The best bootleg edition that I have seen was titled "Ghostbusters II Expanded Motion Picture Soundtrack" "Songs by Various Artists" "Music by Randy Edelman" There is 45 Tracks total and it contains the score to every single scene in the movie, as well as every single song that was played in the movie. (In chronological order) It also contains the rest of the tracks from the official GB II OST Release, and it also includes 2 versions of the Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters Theme Song from the official GB I OST Release. (The Original Version, and the Instrumental Version.)
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By Ectojeff88
Jason over at Ghostbusters News just today posted some great news!! Edelman’s score is getting an official release next year with the composer’s direct involvement!!

https://ghostbustersnews.com/2020/08/09 ... -released/

This is amazing! I hope it releases on February 14th. A fun reference to the movie and perfectly timed for the lead up to Afterlife on March 5th!
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