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By Hnemain
Like the title says, is it okay to paint foamies (not styrofoam) with water based, acrylic paints? Apparently foam of any type doesn't like spray paint judging from some of the topics I've found on this forum? Anyone have any experience in this topic they can share with me?

If it indeed is safe to paint, what would happen if I did not use sealant? Would it crack or chip off?

Thanks for any replies.
By NickFame13
I should probably know this for work (Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts)... It's one of the few questions that never come up, though. I don't believe it would have adverse effects on the foam, but I'm not sure the paint itself will be problematic. At least not right away. Have you thought about poster paint?
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By DarkSpectre
Spray away. I've made several packs from foam or using the foam sheets from craft stores for various parts. They will take paint but you made have to make a few coats for it to get to the desired shade due to the foam absorbing the paint. Styrofoam is the only thing that spray paint will eat.
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