Hey guys, I screwed up royally. I love the way that my pack is coming along. Today the heatsink showed up and as if yesterday I had already pretty much put everything together..... I knew I should have waited til the morning to put it on because it has been a long day. Anyways, I start to drill the holes for the heatsink, completely going through the end of the ribbon cable that goes into the bargraph.
The hole is on the right side.

Is there a way I can buy another one from the shop here or should I hit ebay or what should I do? I am guessing it is a 16 pin from counting the contacts but I am not sure. I am guessing that this is what I may need but I am not sure? ... SwW6JYX1BD

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Looks to me like the same part. If you're not a 100% sure you could try PMing spongeface. He makes the lightkits for GBfans so he'd know for sure.
Thanks. I actually ended up getting a hold of him via his eBay page. He's a great guy. He has another cable coming for me and just for good measure, a backup ship of the bargraph part because that side was the bargraph side.

This is my first full scale pack build and the lesson I learned here is save the electronics for last LOL.
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