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By Vee
I got mine a couple of days ago! I didn't expect it to be so big! that's what she said It's really cool AJ, nice work.
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By Omega165
Its not letting me order the silver or regular coins. it says - "You do not currently have any valid shipping methods."

Nevermind problem fixed.
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By Dreamstalker
Now for questions pertaining to displaying these bad boys in my collection. I purchased some clear acrylic Coin stands, but can anyone point to suitable protective cases? Preferably the thick round cases used for coin collecting, anyone have one in hand to provide an exact size?
I use

For my other GBF coin I have an "Air-Tite" holder with a foam ring (I think it's a Model I, 38mm).
By AlTheRelic
I got my Gold Supporting Member coin and I love it, it was a great bargain at 10 Bucks
By AlTheRelic
I couldn't help myself, I purchased the Silver Supporting member coin and standard supporting member coin, I fell hard for my Gold supporting member coin and wanted to pay tribute to supporting members and Silver Supporting members, we need them too
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By giric thren
Okay, I have upgraded my basic membership to Gold, and it is offering me to sell me a gold coin for an additional charge. I thought that the gold coin came free with a Gold membership. Or is that just for people who bought gold out of the gate instead of upgrading.

Any answers would be appreciated


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By AJ Quick
Snooze ya lose. I wanted to buy a whole set but kept putting it off. Maybe next run!
Next run would have to feature new artwork. Anyone interested in contributing?
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By gbmatt
Have anything in mind in terms of the kind of art?
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By Spengler02
How about on one side the GB 2 logo, and on the other the GBs in Lady Liberty's crown, as to sort of be like a sequel coin?
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By Spengler02
So, I would have to pay for the Silver Membership, and the silver coin, right? I just want to know to see if I have enough money for it. BTW, what metal are the coins made out of?

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