This is for other Ghostbusters Props that don't fit into the categories above.
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By Alex Newborn
I am continually envious, not only that you already have one, but of how FAST you ID'ed the thing and set about fashioning a replica. I think he had this in his possession about a week after the Blu-Ray with the Fort Detmerring footage came out.

On the other hand, I am just relieved that we finally know what that one item on the table during the Twinkie discussion was.


I've circled the LaMotte. Funny how I'd been asking about it for years both here and on the RPF, and I'd also been talking about the Gaspar's/Gasper's Meter from the storyboards, but I never imagined the two would turn out to be one and the same.

Now if you can just ID the other device for me! The one indicated by the question mark. Any ideas?

By delta88
I lucked out by getting a few days with the bluray before the general release thanks to Fanfest. It's funny seeing it in the montage sequence now. Never ever noticed it. Gonna start looking at that other item on the table.
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By Alex Newborn
Oh, on the nightstand in the wide shot of the 'dream sequence' at Fort Detmerring?


NICE, I never spotted it there either.

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