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Working our photo line while standing in front of our 30 Foot tall Stay Puft inflatable at The Mothman Festival this year a young mom asks me if I will take a picture with her baby. Of course I will......she reaches into the stroller and hands me an 8 month old baby! Sh literally wanted a picture of me holding her baby Lol

The most mind blowing thing happened on a Sunday Morning at Walmart though (doesnt it always?) Im in the checkout line wearing a jacket with a No Ghost Logo on the left chest. the woman in front of me stares for a minute then says "You're going to Hell" Took me a minute to figger out she was talking to me, "Scuse me?" " You're going to hell" . I run through some witty retorts in my mind, as Im doing so she pokes at the No Ghost logo on my jacket "Thats AntiGod.....You're going to hell" All I could think to say was " Its Sunday Morning......Shouldn;t you be in Church?" She got mad and snorted off.........
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By Smeghead
Oh hi there! Long time no post....

So today, naturally I had to wear my glow in the dark no-ghosts T shirt to work. I've worn it many times before, and no one has batted an eyelid. But today, suddenly everyone and their dog kept commenting on how great it was. Even the presenters (I work in TV) told me they loved it!

And I lost count of the number of people on the tube who shouted "who you gonna call?" at me.

I know this is small time compared to some of the hillarious tales in this thread from those of you wearing all the gear, but it still tickled me.

Anyway, happy Halloween everyone!
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By Matt Campbell
October is clearly a busy time for Busters and I attended a few events for our group the Alberta Ghostbusters through the month, I can't remember which event it was at but I had had a kid come up and start chatting with me about Ghostbusters and he was telling me how he's seen all 3 films so I ask him which was his favourite and he answers "the first one was" to which I respond "thats the usual answer I get to that question", then out of nowhere he says to me "I don't think you're a real Ghostbuster". After a moments pause I ask "why not?" and he says to me "because none of those guys had a beard in any of the movies" so I respond "the guys in the movies were our founders out of New York, I'm just one of many Busters from around the world following in their footsteps", but he wasn't having any of it and responds "no, none of them had beards so you can't actually be a Ghostbuster!" and he turns and walks off.
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Not weird, but funny.

Was at a con recently, and I was passing a U.S. Marine booth. Being the American that I am, I thanked them for their service.

One of them responded, "Thank you for yours."

I had a kick out of that.
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By Seven
Was wearing a standard Ghostbusters t-shirt while in line at Target. The cashier (a guy in his 20's?) saw my shirt and asked: "Is that Ghostbusters?" I smile and say "Yeah." He nods and then asks: "What's that about?"

Must have stared at him for several seconds before I chuckled, thinking it was a joke and asked: "Are you serious?" He said "Yeah! Is it a movie? Or a TV show? I've never seen it." So I proceeded to tell him the basic plot. A group of scientists kicked out of university, blah blah blah, need to save the world. Told him I highly recommend it. He smiled and said "Nice! I'm gonna have to watch it!"

Here's hoping he liked it!
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By CosmoBubba
The first time I ever wore my uniform out in public, a little girl that couldn’t have been older than seven or eight years old came up and tugged on my sleeve to get my attention. I said hello, and she said, “I’m your biggest fan, the Ghostbusters are my favorites.”

I responded with a high five and told her, “I’m a big fan of yours too,” and she ran back to her parents with the biggest smile on her face. That little girl’s reaction totally validated my desire to put a Ghostbuster uniform together.
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By simcarr
Quite a few instances over the years.

One time at a con, a bunch of us posed for a photo with some other guys and after the picture was taken we were told they Men in Black was their favourite movie. My friend replied with "But we're Ghostbusters".

A couple of years ago at an actual Ghost hunt in Peterborough, dressed in flight suits. Myself and the other Yorkshire Ghostbusters were outside having a smoke when there was a domestic happening between a man and women, the man shouted "Are you Ghostbusters", we said yeah in which he replied "Well shoot her then". A few moments after that a police car came by, we all pointed in the direct the couple had gone, we got a quick nod from the police and off in that direction they went.

Another time at a con, outside there was about 6 of us in full gear and some woman was angry at us as she walked passed. I could hear her say "There is 4 Ghostbusters and there should only be 4 Ghostbusters".
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By below_radar_00
I have a proton pack mounted to the wall in our band room. The other day we had visitors, and one guy was watching the pack suspiciously. After a while he asked: "Is this
some sort of heating?"
We all wondered how he came to that conclusion...
I had something similar happen 4-5 years ago that still makes me laugh.

I had my pack mounted in my home office at my old house which was a converted garage. I was having new carpet installed in that room and one of the installers asked me, "Excuse me sir......what's this?". The way he said it was priceless.
By Mat
Not so much wierd but awesome! A 4 or 5 year old came up to me while I was volunteering and handing candy out during the local pumpkin walk all excited like and loudly asked "Whoaaaa! Are you a real Ghostbuster?" I wasn't sure how to respond so I quickly replied "Technically it's just a night job!"

Off in the background I heard his folks howl!
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By deadderek
On our way to a Halloween event we stopped off at a Dollar Tree on the way. (In full uniform)

While in the checkout line a mom said "Look honey it's some Ghostbusters!" and the little girl looked at us and said "Those aren't Ghostbusters" and we just laughed.
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