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By SSJmole
I remember making a thread on here about the toys that made us and wanting a Ghostbusters episode. I still do but it appears Netflix has a spin-off coming November 29th called the movies that made us. Didn't see a thread but here's trailer

On Netflix there's a trailer. Season 1 is is home alone Ghostbusters die hard and dirty dancing it looks like
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By SSJmole
I have been watching the toys that made us with my girlfriend and her son lately and were also hoping for a GB episode! This is cool news though, we will be checking out this new show! :-D
I wanted that too. This should be fun though as a spin off
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By Alphagaia
I just watched it. Liked it very much, though I do feel they tell done stories different from the sources how I remember them, like how they picked up Bill from the airport after finding him in India, not France.

Anyone notice other inconsistencies or were surprised by some new tidbit?
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By SSJmole
I liked it. I heard most of it before but I genuinely didn't know Ghostbreakers was used in a few scenes , I didn't know about Colombian pictures and Coca-Cola , or that he didn't actually change slimers look.

I enjoyed it. I also agree with TimsGhost , they definitely teased a toys that made us.

I loved it. I preferred home alone one as that I knew none of what they said same with dirty dancing but Ghostbusters was still great.
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By robbritton
I could have done without the Planet’s Funniest Animals voiceover and the “Isn’t Dan Aykroyd weird?!” nature of the editing and the misspelling of “Aykroyd” on the mock up script covers, but...

Overall I enjoyed the enthusiastic nature of the whole thing and I loved watching Dan and Ivan revisit some old haunts. I think Cleaning Up The Town will be more the deep dive I’m after but this was a good time nonetheless.
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