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By AJ Quick
Hello all!

I'm sure some of you have seen the posts in the Site Feedback forum regarding the abysmal delay that has been restocking the White and Orange "Hat Lights" as well as their respective sockets. For whatever reason, the manufacturer dropped the ball hard on communications. While I initially attempted to place an order for hat lights wayyyy back in May 2019, my emails went unread and unresponded to for months.

I recently got a hold of someone at the company and explained the situation and they were wholly apologetic. We began discussing the vintage "milky" white hat lights (also referred to as "cloudy clear") and the sales representative told me: "Hey. Let me talk to our materials engineers and see what we can do."

As it turns out, perhaps in response to the lapse in communications, they are willing to do whatever they can to make our milky hat lights a reality. That's right! The manufacturer of the real hat lights is going to start producing hat light lenses in the special white translucent color that we have been seeking for decades!

It should take a couple of weeks for them to get things in motion and to get a sample. If things go well, we will be going all in and should be fully stocked on the special hat lights toward the middle of the year.

*Fingers crossed*

For reference, this is what we are going for:


Our regular orange and white hat lights will be restocked soon!
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By deadderek
VERY stoked to see this post! Can't wait to get my hat lights!
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By AJ Quick
If we have existing white hat light orders, is it possible to change them to the milky white ones?
Since this is not guaranteed, we don't want to take on that commitment of swapping orders as of yet. There will likely be a difference of price as Sloan does expect us to meet minimum order quantities as well.

I am willing to cancel orders for existing white, if anyone is interested in waiting to see if these can be done. Send me an email.
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