By Scuba Steve
Since this thread was started, the consumer 3D printer market has exploded and there is an entirely new way to build a movie accurate pack. This thread is a master collection of traditional methods used to build a pack, but what I have not been able to find is a collection of the best 3D plans available for use at home. It would be great to have a new category under the old listings with links to...
  • GB1/GB2 packs
  • Scaled Packs
  • RGB Packs
  • Throwers/parts for Spirit Packs
  • Traps
  • PKE Meters
  • ...
Trying to track this stuff down can be a real chore and GBFans has always been the go-to place for all links/references. It would be great if this thread or another stickied one collected the best links available so everyone and their brother isn't trying to create their own pack every time they want to print one.
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