Discuss the upcoming movie to be released in 2020 and directed by Jason Reitman.
Obviously with the movie being sadly delayed, one would assume that the merchandise tied directly into the film would be delayed (food items, anything with the afterlife logo, etc)

But that brings up an odd issue...most of the stuff shown so far scheduled to come out...is not Afterlife centric. We got the reprints of the film novels, a few other books, most of the figures shown at New York Toy Fair were basic generic ghostbusters figures..(the new hasbro series, the plasma series, the retro figures)

In fact, i think the one soul afterlife centric figure was Muncher....Thats all i can recall...

Now obviously i would guess the drink toppers and stuff like that would be delayed...why put that out now when the movies just under a year away...

But do you think the figures and books will still launch on time....seems counter productive to me... Not that i wouldent get them still...but the whole idea is to sell the brand, and why sell the brand when your movie is pushed back 8 months (I still argue it could launch October-December time frame but thats just me)

I'd say it's almost certain everything will be delayed, the Afterlife tie-in merchandise and non-tie in stuff.

It's been announced earlier this evening that The Last of Us: Part II has been delayed indefinitely due to the Covid-19 situation, more commercial items that aren't essential are going to see the same happen to them as industry shuts down further as the virus gains a deeper foothold in the United States.

And whilst America may not be on full lockdown yet, it's really only a matter of time.

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