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By Alex Newborn
I remember my neighbor Earl telling me about some Ghostbusters phone line back in the day, but he didn't remember the number, and I wondered if he might be pulling my leg. When I got a copy of Making Ghostbusters in the late 80s and read Michael Gross' description of the 'junk buy', I realized Earl wasn't lying, and I've wanted to hear this ever since. I even did a My Ghostbusters Pet Peeves video about it two years ago.

I was floored today when I was scrolling Facebook and saw a post by Dylan Griffin sharing the Southland Ghostbusters' new video.

https://www.facebook.com/SouthlandGhost ... 562216990/

This gives me new hope that perhaps someday we might yet discover the origin of the other audio obsession of mine... the Mystery Voice in the Sedgewick.

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By 910dohead
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Hey guys, this was my find. Found it in a torrent supposedly from MTV, but the clip itself is a news segment that actually came from CNN. The video that we posted wasn't what I found. The audio/video was really rough. I went frame to frame from what was shown and matched it up to the blu-ray. Plus, the audio is cleaned up as much as it could be. It was slightly worse. I somewhat remastered it. The font I used is also the same. I can post the actual clip if you like?
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By deadderek
This is an amazing find, and it's great that nearly 4 decades later fellow fans are still uncovering new content!

Always awesome to hear Venkman and Stantz. :D
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By 910dohead
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Thanks, but it was totally by accident. I was looking for the Night Flight fan club commercial and stumbled onto the recordings. Oddly, they were uploaded in 2016 by a user named auburn3020, so it's been out there for a while. However, they uploaded an improved rip as of November of last year. All credit goes to them as I am just a middle man. I actually didn't think it was a big deal as I thought the material was already out there. Certainly didn't realize that it was a rediscovery. Our group has a chat we use on our phones which I posted these too. One of our members posted it to our facebook and as of yesterday, didn't realize it was lost for all this time. The response was surprising but I am just glad its out there and people are getting to hear/see it and are enjoying it.
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By Dr.D
On the subject of audio ads, has anyone re-discovered the two short radio spots for the first movie where its Dan doing a sort of local business ad for the GBs? They even interview fake customers, one of whom is played by Edie McClurg.
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