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By abritinthebay
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For any casual readers wondering: you can get a box of 100 of these for ~$20 + shipping (sometimes more, sometimes less) at lots of places (inc eBay).

This is wonderful detective work btw.
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By mburkit
Yeah, I got a bag of these for about $10 on EBay. I still can't believe I ended up buying a bag of these to replace the zip ties on my GB1 pack. What has this hobby come to!?
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By RedSpecial
The ridiculousness of taking the time to identify these bloody things isn't lost on me.
Although I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a kick out of finding them.

I think our obsessive asses are going to need an intervention at some point.
Deep dives seem to be this communities addiction.
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By tobycj
So consensus is the same ties were used on the ribbon cable as the wand loom then? Guess I need to get some new zip ties then!
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By RedSpecial
I'm not going to claim that it was definitely the case.

There just isn't clear enough reference to say either way, but it would make sense if they did use them on the ribbon cable.

I honestly just threw some on there in the off chance that it's correct.
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