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By AJ Quick

So it may be too late for you to buy parts from the Ghostbusters Fans Shop but there is still time to make some last minute props from items found at your local hardware store. One great example are by using Welding Goggles to create a set of perfect Ecto Goggles. Don't pay $100 for these things on eBay when you can be making your own for under $20.

Check out these plans for parts and information, its very easy to do:


Check out the Ecto Goggle section for plenty of goggles made using these plans and more:
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By Bradester
They halp him find dem french fried potaters. MMMMM hmmmm.
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By ProtonCharger
I don't think I've ever worn them out anywhere with my costume. I really wanna do a nice set one day but these will definitely do the trick on Halloween. Classic. So many people have used these plans. I never did add the blocks of wood.
i never did add the wood either.its still an awesome build and one everyone should take a look at for a first prop if norm's proton pack plans appear too much...even though they're more low budget than those ugly/other budget(money pit) packs floating around.
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By xtrmn8r17
I found these instructions to be EXTREMELY HELPFUL! The shopping list of parts saved me a lot of time and trouble at the hardware store. Thank you so much for creating this reference guide.

Thank you for typing in bold, if it hadn't have been for that, we might have completely missed what you said. So again, thank you.
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By DarkSpectre
After giving mine away, i've been wanting to build a new set. I wonder how hard it would be to add the flared "lip" as well as the wood blocks. Id imagine if you made the lip from styrene and secured it to the inside of the goggle it might work?
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By gamera1968
Here's mine ( for my Mad Scientist Halloween Costume )
eBay, $4, plus shipping.

And yes, that is a 200mW Green Laser Pen holding them up :D
The beam goes about 50 miles or so, give or take.


The silver pen in front, is just a regular LED pen light.

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