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By AJ Quick

Our friends at Art Asylum have sent over a photo of the upcoming Ghostbusters Minimates Series 4 set. You could call this a best of release as it is mainly a re-release of some of the pack-ins from the Toys R Us Exclusives line. The set features Vigo the Carpathian, the Jogger Ghost, the Captain of the Titanic and Slimer. The set will be available in the GBFans Shop this May for around $16.
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By DarkSpectre
It's an interesting move on Diamond Select's part. I wonder if they had an over abundance of the TRU series 3 villains and this was the best way to eliminate stock? Either way a cool set for those who missed them in stores or GB 2 purists.
By Coover5
Nothing can really compare to a $60 PKE Meter now can it?
That is exactly why I'm saving my pke meter for Christmas and opening it last. I have a feeling there isn't anything else in the world that would make me as excited as that pke meter right now and I would hate for this to happen

Me: Wow what an amazing pke meter. This is fantastic and I'm so glad I bought it. (opens a gift from another family member) Wow a shirt.....This is fantastic.

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