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By AJ Quick

The Italian Ghostbusters fan film is finally available here on Ghostbusters Fans. The video is 12 minutes of awesome effects with just the right amount of comedy. It is in Italian, actually re-dubbed in Italian by the original voice actors who dubbed Ghostbusters 2 and Ghostbusters: The Video Game in Italian. It makes it fun to watch, since it is like watching a foreign film and really adds to the comedy! Subtitles available for us english speakers.
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By Raynor105
Just watched it, it was reminiscent of the original Ghostbusters. I like how they made it like the Ghostbusters have been around for a while, supporting franchises internationally, providing manuals and whatnot. All in all, a great fan film.
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By Smits
Bravo! Very well done!

I like the idea of Ghostbusters as an established international business.

"So we see what the manual says..." <--- HEE.
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By Dan Shannon
Question for VinC: Why is it when our unit explodes, you don't give us a nice video-uplink call? Damn you and your inconsistency!

Otherwise, kick ass stuff, boys. Lovin' it.
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By Foom Man
This came out fantastic. Solid humor, great effects work, and a really upbeat spirit. No pun intended.

I loved the fire effects, in particular. A great use of CG to compliment live-effects.

Great work fellas, from one film maker to another.

By 69428scj
Awesome film guys! I really like the fire in the kitchen...very nice touch.
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By GB2032DKM
That was very enjoyable. I laughed very hard on some of the comedy, that was perfect.

Thanks again for cheering up my night.

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