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By AJ Quick

That's right we finally got our video online. It was filmed for us by the So-Cal Ghostbusters with a little help from Ghostbusters Fan, Borzou. This video takes an almost too indepth look at the Ghost Trap from Mattel. We look at every aspect of it, every feature, and even take a few measurements! Definitely a must see!
By Dr_Webs
Great now I'll never get to sleep. I viewed this video at 1am and now my brain is abuzz with excitment and possibilities for adding a belt hook.

It looks like the traditional attachment would be the way to go mounted right on the battery lid. I suppose it really depends on how much floor clearance the wheels provide. Also depending on the thickess of the plastic lid you'd probably have to cut the attachment bolts pretty dard short. Perhaps a strong adhesive would make a suitable alternative?

(Shut up, brain. Sleep now; plot, plan and possibly scheme later.)
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By Foom Man
The tape measure was a nice touch. I do wonder if much will change with the trap between now and October, now that I've gotten such a good look at it. Thanks for the video So-Cal.

For $135 you're getting a ton of functionality with respectable looks, but I don't think this will impact prop builder/sellers the way the PKE did. I definitely will be buying one, but I'm still likely to build one myself. If the trap had some aluminum on it maybe it would be all I need, but as it stands it's juuust a shade too plasticy looking to be my only trap.
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By Prologic9
The only thing I hope they'll address (that they realistically could) between now and the final version is the differing plastics. Some parts have a familiar plastic sheen and other areas are extremely flat. It makes the toy-engineering very obvious.
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By Makuta
Awesome video i'm definitly getting 2 of these!!!

But did anyone else notice that not once did the camera show that girl's face, you perv's :P
actually the video did show her face, 4 or so times.
someone was paying too much attention to the trap in the video i think...
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By Agent Gibbs
That looks awesome, i'll definitely pick one up, Mattel are producing some great stuff for a reasonable cost too! wish i'd had these as a kid

Thanks Borz, and everyone for filming that! and Thanks for posting it AJ
your getting some great exclusive stuff to post this year its great for GBfans
By Governor
I wonder how long it takes for the release to break on the cartridge. I can see that cartridge falling out when you're walking along and breaking. If it simply slides out like that, that's going to be a problem. Hopefully there is a good safety catch or something to prevent that from being an issue.
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By Kingpin
An astounding video, thanks for posting... it'll definitely help sell the Trap to people, it's helped sell it to me.

I don't say this as most of the time I strongly dislike it, but in this case it's appropriate:

Good job you did.

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