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By Ownerest
Unseen Ghostbusters Storyboard - Fort Detmerring / Dream sequence

To those that may have gone to the ghostbusters wiki or the "making of ghostbusters" book. Where there is a short few storyboard scenes of the deleted dream sequence.

This is another one that I felt I should share.

I placed it all into a photobucket gallery

please save, copy, share, or put it on the GB wiki

http://s1381.photobucket.com/user/owner ... ostbusters Storyboard
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By Alex Newborn
I got this error message when I first followed the link:

"Sorry, the requested page does not exist.
Please check the URL for correct spelling and capitalization."

But I cut and pasted and got it to work.

http://s1381.photobucket.com/user/owner ... t=9&page=1

Thanks for sharing this. The timing is perfect, as I had a project in mind about this sequence.

I've never seen the equipment called a "Casper's Meter" before. Or does that say "Gasper's"... a possible typo of Special Effects Supervisor Chuck Gaspar's last name?



I'm gonna go with it saying Gasper instead of Casper. I compared all the other capital C's to the letter in the meter name (lower left, enlarged) and then all the capital G's from that typewriter (lower right, enlarged) and it's gotta be a G.



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