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By Kingpin

Following on the heels of an earlier auction of props hosted by Profiles in History, Prop Store has recently conducted a series of auctions, ranging from sculpted production items, to art department binders and crew apparel:

*Lot 126 - Slimer Model Miniature Estimate: $1,300 - $1,900
*Lot 127 - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Head Estimate: $3,900 - $6,500
*Lot 128 - First Draft Script, Production Materials and Crew Apparel Estimate: $780 - $1,000
*Lot 129 - Art Department Reference Binders Estimate: $780 - $1,000
*Lot 158 - Vigo the Carpathian Transformation Sculpts 1-2 Estimate: $520 - $780
*Lot 160 - Vigo The Carpathian Transformation Sculpts 3-4 Estimate: $520 - $780

Slimer sold for: $1,500
Stay Puft sold for: $3,800
Script, materials and apparel sold for: $1,000
Reference binders sold for: $7,100
Vigo head sculpts 1 & 2 sold for: $520
Vigo head sculpts 3 & 4 sold for: $650
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By Kingpin
I rather dig the variant of the poster featuring the New York skyline. While the final version has a air of simplicity to it, giving greater emphasis to the cast, the skyline in a way feels a nice visual element.
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By mrmichaelt
fyi, the 'First Draft' moniker for that 8/5/83 script is misleading. There are at least 2 collaborative drafts before it. June and July 6, 1983. And Paul has a free digital version of the 8/5/83 on Spook Central.

Hope those addresses and phone numbers on the crew list aren't current. :sigh:
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By d_osborn
Troy wrote:They belong in a museum!

But seriously, every time unique archival items like this are up for auction, I always wonder if a studios archives might be the better place for them (sorry collectors)?

As a collector that goes nuts over archival material, I can't argue on that one.
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