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By Kingpin

Following on the heels of an earlier auction of props hosted by Profiles in History, Prop Store has recently conducted a series of auctions, ranging from sculpted production items, to art department binders and crew apparel:

*Lot 126 - Slimer Model Miniature Estimate: $1,300 - $1,900
*Lot 127 - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Head Estimate: $3,900 - $6,500
*Lot 128 - First Draft Script, Production Materials and Crew Apparel Estimate: $780 - $1,000
*Lot 129 - Art Department Reference Binders Estimate: $780 - $1,000
*Lot 158 - Vigo the Carpathian Transformation Sculpts 1-2 Estimate: $520 - $780
*Lot 160 - Vigo The Carpathian Transformation Sculpts 3-4 Estimate: $520 - $780

Slimer sold for: $1,500
Stay Puft sold for: $3,800
Script, materials and apparel sold for: $1,000
Reference binders sold for: $7,100
Vigo head sculpts 1 & 2 sold for: $520
Vigo head sculpts 3 & 4 sold for: $650
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By Kingpin
I rather dig the variant of the poster featuring the New York skyline. While the final version has a air of simplicity to it, giving greater emphasis to the cast, the skyline in a way feels a nice visual element.
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By mrmichaelt
fyi, the 'First Draft' moniker for that 8/5/83 script is misleading. There are at least 2 collaborative drafts before it. June and July 6, 1983. And Paul has a free digital version of the 8/5/83 on Spook Central.

Hope those addresses and phone numbers on the crew list aren't current. :sigh:
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By d_osborn
Troy wrote:They belong in a museum!

But seriously, every time unique archival items like this are up for auction, I always wonder if a studios archives might be the better place for them (sorry collectors)?

As a collector that goes nuts over archival material, I can't argue on that one.
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By Numptie
Styrofoam_Guy wrote:Yes it would be nice if some of the Follixin stuff is maid available either on display or digitally instead of being locked away never to be seen again.

Awesome, those head sculptures are very cool. How does one find out about these auctions anyway?
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